IT Departments that aren’t Listening to Employees Will Fail in 2021, says 1E

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Endpoint automation leader 1E has announced new features to their market leading digital experience management offering, Tachyon Experience, helping enterprises truly understand how users experience their IT.


Sentiment as a leading indicator in a Remote First World


In a remote first world, knowledge workers increasingly rely on their endpoint to be performant and responsive; The endpoint is their entire conduit to the workplace. Recent research by Vanson Bourne showed that the overwhelming majority (98%) of remote workers found endpoint performance to be important, yet more than half (53%) saying that their machine runs more slowly outside the office. IT has historically lacked the tools to identify and remediate these issues. Tachyon Experience has been built to provide IT analytics of the aggregated digital experience of users across the entire endpoint estate down to the sentiment of an individual user.


“Almost every knowledge worker is working remotely, but they have an inferior experience to working in the office. Businesses that succeed in a remote first world will provide a first class digital experience to all employees wherever they are. IT departments need tools which monitor digital experience, gather employee sentiment and remediate issues as they happen.” said Sumir Karayi, CEO and Founder, 1E


Tachyon Sentiment joining up previously siloed datasets


Integration is where Tachyon Sentiment differentiates over the traditional survey approach; Traditionally, IT departments have conducted periodic NPS polls, but this has rarely been joined up to the applications and device they’re using. This siloed approach to data clouds any real digital experience insights. For the first time, IT departments are able to correlate a user’s sentiment or perception of IT with actual telemetry from the endpoint that they’re using. Tachyon Experience aggregates end user sentiment with endpoint metrics (stability, performance and responsiveness) into a single, overarching Digital Experience score.


“Sentiment is a vital expansion to our Tachyon Experience offering as it allows IT departments the ability to identify users that appear to be having a solid experience from a technical metrics perspective, but in reality, are having a frustrating time with some of their applications or day to day end point experience”, says Rob Peterscheck, VP of Product for 1E


The new Sentiment capability in 1E Tachyon Experience introduces unparalleled flexibility and integration in comparison to traditional approaches to gathering user feedback. Users can be polled on an ad-hoc basis, scheduled or in response to a specific event (for example an IT change or upgrade). “The ability to collect user feedback in real time in response to major transformation initiatives or rollouts will also be a major asset to IT operations teams who have previously used trailing indicators such as escalation of service desk tickets” said Peterscheck.


Digital Experience, not just the purview of the IT department


The addition of Sentiment to Tachyon Experience marks a vital step in a market shift to broaden the appeal of Digital Experience Monitoring tools beyond the IT department. “Given the challenges of remote working for employees and the tighter relationship between HR and IT, we see the Tachyon Experience playing a part in further desiloing data and toolsets between our departments. HR routinely ask employees how they feel about their workplace using traditional tools, but in this new world, the laptop is their workplace and hence it makes sense to share the data between the departments” said Nick Bartlett, Chief People Officer for 1E


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Statistics referenced throughout are taken from 1E’s latest research ‘The new digital workplace: employee experiences with universal remote working since COVID’. You can read the full research here:




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