Jam on Artis’ Instagram

Business Wire India
Artis is an audio company, bringing listeners a range of products that deliver a sound experience that is worth falling in love with! That’s the space their brand campaign ‘Love Your Sound – Artis’ comes from. Artis launched this campaign, by converting their Instagram profile page into an Artis #ArtisSoundStation, where 7 tiles were transformed into the 7 notes of music. What better way to share their love than celebrating the very notes that give birth to sound? And it’s never been done before!
So, this is how the Artis #ArtisSoundStation works. Go to the Artis Instagram profile (@artis_india). One can find the notes marked from 1 to 7. Artis has used the ever-popular guitar and piano sounds for people to play. By long-pressing on the tiles, the tile expands, and the note plays. One can go from one tile to the other to play the different notes, long pressing each tile as you go along. It’s fun to play around with. People can also check out melodies created by 6 young musicians on the Artis Instagram profile (@artis_india).
“Within a week of launching the #ArtisSoundStation, the Artis Instagram profile (@artis_india) saw a 3X increase in the number of people visiting the profile and a 6X increase in weekly community growth. We were gaining around 130 followers every week, but with this activity, we have been gaining over 150 followers in a day! To date the activity has received 1.4 lakh video views and reached over 17 lakh unique profiles. These are encouraging numbers for us as a brand that has just started actively building its social media presence,” said Akshay Daryani, Department Head, E-Commerce, from Artis.
Rohil Paralkar, Servicing Head at Siriti, the creative agency partnering with Artis feels, “Our audience is young and digital. Converting an Instagram grid into a sound station is ideal as the voice of our brand and of our audience!”
Adwait Kulkarni, Creative Director at Siriti, shared, “Reimagining the way Instagram is looked at, with music served through the grid, fit perfectly for a brand whose claim is to reimagine sound. The originality and fun element drove the idea home.”
“The idea comes alive through design & sound and celebrates the brands promise of ‘Love Your Sound’ and it’s a first on social media, so we are glad that it’s getting good traction,” said Damini Kashelkar, Sr. Designer, Siriti.