Jindal Naturecure Institute’s Naturopathic Approach Claims to Successfully Reverse Diabetes in 100 Percent Patients

Business Wire India

In a nation where diabetes has reached epidemic proportions, it is crucial to illuminate a lesser-known truth – lifestyle modifications hold the potential to reverse this chronic condition.

The power of lifestyle changes in reversing diabetes is often underestimated. Many remain unaware of this transformative potential. India often termed the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World,’ harbors around 77 million individuals grappling with this ailment. Notably, a significant portion of these individuals remain unaware that diabetes can be reversed through specific lifestyle adjustments. Recognizing this alarming reality, Jindal Naturecure Institute – a premier Naturopathy hospital in Bengaluru, India, has emerged as a beacon of hope with its holistic natural approach. The institute has successfully guided around 1500 patients in 2023 towards a diabetes-free life, showcasing their expertise in diabetes reversal.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Jindal Nature cure center has witnessed an astonishing 1500 cases of type 2 diabetes. Jindal Naturecure treatments were able to reverse the diabetes of 100% of patients in the year 2023 through the use of Naturopathy, Yoga, Diet, Physiotherapy and Herbal Therapies. Among these success stories, 57.5% were men, and 42.5% were women, illustrating that diabetes knows no gender. The age range of these triumphant individuals spans from 19 to 79 years, underscoring that age is no impediment to embracing a diabetes-free life.
Remarkably, lots of these individuals were formerly dependent on insulin, demonstrating Jindal Nature cure center prowess in addressing even the most challenging cases of diabetes. Dr. Babina, Chief Medical Officer at Jindal Naturecure Institute, affirms, “Our methodology is centered around personalized lifestyle modifications, encompassing dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and stress management. We acknowledge that diabetes often coexists with other health concerns like hypertension, obesity, and dyslipidemia issues. Our integrated, holistic approach addresses these factors, restoring individuals to optimal health. Jindal Naturecure treatment’s success in reversing diabetes is a testament to the potential of natural therapies and lifestyle adjustments. We believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their health.”
In a world grappling with the diabetes epidemic, Jindal Naturecure Institute stands as a shining example of hope and transformation. Jindal Naturecure treatment approach has not only reversed diabetes in a significant percentage of patients but also empowered them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. These awe-inspiring success stories unveil a new dawn for the millions contending with diabetes across India. By embracing simple yet powerful lifestyle modifications, individuals can pave the way for a diabetes-free future. With the proper guidance and commitment, a life free from diabetes is possible and entirely within reach.
With a vision to persuade people to improve general wellness through natural ways, Jindal Nature cure center provides an alternative, drugless treatment regimen by combining the holistic systems of Naturopathy, Diet therapy, Yoga, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture. The protocol for treatment includes exercises, a planned diet, and modifications to a lifestyle that aims to prevent the recurrence of diseases and promote a natural and healthy way of living.
Patients enrolling at Jindal Naturecure Institute usually have to fill out an online form, or they can send it via mail as well. The application form can be downloaded from their website, which must be filled out and sent along with the latest medical documents to [email protected]
How to Apply for Admission into Jindal Nature cure Institute’s treatment center.

  1. To make a Naturopathy treatment application for admission into Jindal Nature Cure Center, patients need to register on the website. Those who are already registered can log in with their email ID and password.
  2. After filling up the necessary details on the ‘Sign Up’ form, patients receive an email with an activation link.
  3. Clicking on the activation link takes them to the ‘Sign In’ form where they have to enter their email ID and password.
  4. After successful sign-in, the patient is taken to the profile page where they need to click on ‘Apply for Admission’.
  5. Patients are required to fill up the personal details followed by their health details along the reason for seeking admission.
  6. Patients are then required to attach their recent medical, and pathological reports and proceed to submit their application.
  7. However, if someone is accompanying the patient (co-patient) then after attaching the necessary medical documents, patients are required to click on the ‘Add Co-patient Application’ button. This takes them to the profile page where they need to click on the ‘Add Co-Patient’ button.
  8. The necessary details of the co-patient need to be filled in and submitted on Jindal Nature Cure Centre website.
  9. Once the details are successfully added, patients need to click on ‘Apply for Admission’ button for the co-patient.
  10. Patients need to fill in all the details related to personal and health details of the co-patient along with their relationship with co-patient and click on ‘Proceed to Submit’.
  11. In case, there is more than one co-patient, patients need to repeat the same process again to fill in the details of the other co-patient.
  12. Clicking on the ‘Proceed to Submit’ button takes the patients to the page where they get the choice to select the accommodation type.
  13. After making the desired selection along with the check-in and check-out dates, patients need to click on ‘Submit & Pay’.
  14. After making the payment, the application is successfully submitted for Jindal Naturecure treatments. Within two days, JNI reverts back with further updates on the reservation.