LEAD Delivers Excellent International Education and Superior Learning Outcomes to Students Even When Schools Remain Shut

Business Wire IndiaThe COVID-19 crisis has led to school closures in 188 countries, disrupting the learning of more than 1.7 billion children and exacerbating the existing learning crisis. While remote/online learning was implemented to ensure learning continuity, it did little to enhance its quality.

LEAD, India’s leading Academic and Marketing solutions provider, ensures that excellent learning is delivered to students at all times. LEAD was conceptualised in 2012 by Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah to make quality education accessible to students across the country. Since its inception, LEAD has transformed education for 1.2 million+ students in 3000+ LEAD powered schools across 400+ cities in India and continues to grow at a staggering speed.

Quality education remains vital to enhance students’ lives, and this debate remains incontestable. With the current education system showing its age, adopting a model that delivers quality learning under all circumstances becomes imperative. A report by the World Economic Forum says, “The definition of quality and success has to move beyond standardised test scores to a more holistic measurement tied to life improvements and societal impact.”

When a school partners with LEAD, they get empowered to deliver excellent education through an innovative approach where students get access to quality learning needed to excel tomorrow. LEAD Powered schools get:

  • International Standard Curriculum benchmarked with Singapore, US, and Canada education systems that children can access irrespective of their location.
  • Smart Classrooms assisted with audio-visual lessons to make learning fun and interactive and help students understand the concepts better.
  • Fully certified and trained teachers equipped with the latest educational resources to ensure the child’s learning is always on track.
  • World-class learning @home via a dedicated app where students can access classroom content and learn collaboratively with their friends through ‘Practice with Friends’.
  • In-time monitoring and a dedicated “Parents” section in the Student app helps parents track their child’s progress and become involved in their learning curve.
  • MasterClass with renowned personalities and participation in national-level competitions ensure children’s holistic development.

As countries rebuild and reinvent themselves in response to the ongoing crisis, there lies an opportunity to look beyond the traditional framework and adopt innovative learning ways to stay robust. Perhaps one positive outcome of the global pandemic is that it has prompted the school authorities to embrace the change sooner than expected.

To know more about LEAD helps in achieving excellent education through its innovative model, visit, https://leadschool.in/