Lingel Windows Completes 15 Years in Providing Secure Windows Solutions in India

Business Wire India
Lingel Window and Doors Technologies, a premium, leading German Window brand completes 15 years of providing superior, customised windows solutions across India. The German headquarter completed 60 years last year in providing hi-end windows solutions across Germany. Lingel has over 300 plus team members that work across various verticals in sales, manufacturing, and marketing across India.
In India, Lingel first started in 2006 in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. uPVC was just emerging as a window material and the market was very nascent as very few were aware about uPVC. Later the brand introduced an array of products. Lingel is known for innovation and bringing in the best window options in the industry. In the last 15 years, Lingel has completed many landmark projects and created a very strong customer base. Over 50% of the customers come from references of old or existing customers.
Besides introducing Smart windows Lingel has also recently launched Security windows and doors solutions for its customers. When covid- 19 affected the lives of many the security windows were introduced. These windows are a perfect amalgamation of glazing and hardware which make it burglar proof.
As team Lingel celebrates its past success story, it also looks to the future. “15 years we have forayed ahead in creating a happy customer base. When I first came to India 15 years ago, little did I know this would be my home. I am happy that India has welcomed me and Lingel with open arms and I am looking forward to a bright future for Lingel and its members with all our expansion plans,” says Dr. (hc) Mario Schmidt, Managing Director Lingel Windows.
Lingel will be introducing some new fenestration solutions for its customers. From expanding dealer base to coming up with more plans to reach its consumers the brand is pacing its way to newer heights. The brand is already manufacturing premium uPVC, Aluminium, Wood, Pergolas, unique window designs, awnings, roller shutters, Glass conservatories, and much more.
To celebrate its 15 years in India, Lingel also started its campaign to waive of Carbon footprint. This initiative first took roots in 2019 where Team Lingel planted sampling at Manesar. Lingel is the only Window Company in India that runs this initiative. Mr. Mahesh Kumar was roped in for a month-long campaign where he cycled 6000 km across India to help Lingel in its initiative. The company is also looking forward to opening new experience centres for its customers and one such showroom will be initiated in Jaipur. The brand has also received many prestigious awards that proves that it has garnered trust with its customers.