Logically Launches Cutting Edge Threat Intelligence Platform to Identify and Counter Mis- and Disinformation at Scale

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Logically, a tech company combining advanced AI with human intelligence to tackle misinformation, today announces the launch of its new threat intelligence platform that can identify, analyse and disarm harmful online misinformation at scale.
Built on cutting-edge, secure, scalable cloud infrastructure, Logically Intelligence brings together Logically’s capabilities in at-scale analysis, classification and detection of damaging narratives and online threats. It also provides access to a suite of countermeasures to tackle identified threats, including automated fact checking and OSINT research, meaning it is one of the only platforms to integrate both analytical capabilities and countermeasure deployment to tackle misinformation.
Countries around the world are starting to experience the real harms posed by misinformation, from doubt over election results, low uptake of the Covid vaccine or violent protests.  Logically Intelligence is designed for use by government and public sector bodies who need to closely monitor the online media landscape for the spread of damaging narratives, and have the ability to intervene early in order to protect democratic processes and public safety. 
Lyric Jain, CEO of Logically, said: “Since 2016 we have seen the phenomenon of mis and disinformation firmly take root, evolve and proliferate, and increasingly cause real world harm. As the dissemination of misinformation becomes more complex and dynamic, the methods that governments across the world use to tackle it require a sophisticated response. This is particularly urgent as India prepares for state elections this year as well as ensuring high uptake of Covid vaccinations. Logically Intelligence incorporates our years of expertise in this area, and we feel our technology is best placed to solve the challenges specific to this problem.”
Logically has recently begun working with security consultancy, Raxa, a part of GMR Group, to carry out collaborative projects in the area of counter misinformation and strategic communications. The combined technical and domain knowledge capabilities of both companies will create industry-leading content verification and investigation services available across the sub-continent.
Logically Intelligence was tested in beta format during the 2019 general election in India and the 2020 elections in the US. In the 2019 election, Logically worked closely with public sector partners and members of the Election Commission to analyse 944,486 different articles circulating on social media, identifying 133,000 as unreliable, with 33,000 pieces of fake news. 
Logically has made significant advances in AI, machine learning and natural language processing, resulting in a powerful tool that can ingest and analyse data from over one million publicly available media sources and social media platforms. The company’s advanced AI capabilities for media intelligence, credibility assessment, veracity assessment, and social network intelligence carry out a three-pronged analysis of data, including network, content and metadata, to extract actionable insights. 
Logically Intelligence’s machine learning pipelines assess everything from source and content credibility, post veracity, and the identification of propaganda and the corresponding mechanisms for the dissemination of damaging narratives. It also applies advanced NLP to detect and analyse clusters of threats and emerging narratives, and can identify which demographics or groups the narrative is targeting.

Furthermore, LI applies advanced social network analysis techniques along with NLP and meta data modelling for segmenting users based on their response to influence campaign operations, characterising their response using demographic attributes, scoring of social accounts for influence and risks, account level automation detection, and co-ordinated inauthentic behaviour of users on social media. All these enable extraction of powerful insights to understand disinformation campaigns, their social engagement levels and potential harmful impacts.
The combination of both advanced AI and human analysts means that Logically’s system provides both sophisticated technology that monitors, identifies and tracks content at scale and highly trained human fact checkers and investigators who provide nuanced analysis, detailed investigations into campaign origins, and the capacity to flag issues before they become widespread. 

About Logically Intelligence

LI provides:

  • A dashboard displaying all potentially problematic online activity based on your specific areas of concern associated with the company, campaigns or areas of significant interest. The monitoring covers publicly-available, multilingual content from digital and social media channels across the world, including major social platforms, blogs, news sources and areas of the dark web, and will classify content as low, medium or high risk threats.
  • The ability to map and assess relevant emerging narratives, themes and associations, allowing you to detect potential issues before they become widespread.
  • Insight into which demographics or communities are being targeted and reached by coordinated narratives and campaigns.
  • Access to Logically’s industry-leading fact checking and investigation teams who can swiftly debunk misleading, false or malicious claims.
  • A suite of countermeasures to tackle problematic content, including priority flags/takedown notices to platforms and law enforcement agencies and deep dive investigative reports into high priority issues identified by Logically’s systems.

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