Making Money Is Now On The Cards

Business Wire IndiaRummy remains the most favourite card game around the world; along with Poker it rakes in millions of dollars in prize money for both the amateurs & professionals. Played in most households and by members of all ages, Rummy is regarded as a ‘clean’ card game, unlike other such games. Rummy requires intelligent skills to master the game and this property makes it different from other gambling-driven alternatives and the king of card games!
Diwali is the time when even the non-players indulge in the casual rounds of card games and Rummy is the one many choose as it is not only fun but also stretches the mind and winning in it is more about the skills than mere luck.
But like all card games, you need a good partner to really enjoy playing the game and that restricts the avid lovers of Rummy to play whenever & wherever they want. To fill this gap, many android & iOS apps have sprung up, but sadly most of them either have lacklustre features, have predictable & boring gameplay or don’t offer any sort of rewards to the good players & winners of the game. KhelPlay Rummy has emerged as a leader in this space as it offers not only a great user experience but also real money rewards to the winners.
Real Fun Comes With Real Money

KhelPlay Rummy has been offering exciting offers to promote the game and the Rummy enthusiasts couldn’t have been happier. Some of the time-bound offers running on this widely popular online rummy card gaming app include Daily Leaderboard, which has a whopping prize pool of Rs. 1 lakh* to be given on each day. The offer runs from 8th to 14th November, 2021. There will be a total of 30 winners on each day. What’s more! Winners can readily & easily withdraw their prize money, unlike offers on rival apps where the prize money is not withdraw-able and is locked by fine prints and lame excuses. Another Online Rummy Competition on KhelPlay Rummy is Smartphone Tournament, which will run from 15th to 25th November, 2021. The qualifier tournaments will be held in the evening, every day in the offer period, the winners of which will get on to participate in the main tournament. The grand finale of the tournament will take place on 25th November; the tournament will have a total prize pool of Rs. 3 lakhs, including smartphones.
Players Earn While They Have Fun

KhelPlay Rummy spokesperson says, “We are committed to ensure the best of playing experience to all the users and offer the industry-leading rewards so that their interest in the game remains high as ever.” This vision is reflected in the various promotional offers provided by the app, for example, players get a massive industry-best 200% bonus of up to Rs. 98,000. This offer is valid for all players on all deposits. Secondly, during the Raffle on Deposit Offer that will run for 2 weeks from 8th to 21st November, 2021, the players will get a chance to win 1 gram gold coin on their deposit. A total of 40 grams of gold coins is on offer for players.
Fast becoming the gold standard in online casual gaming, KhelPlay Rummy is being downloaded on more phones each day than the last. It has been found that players spend comparatively more time playing on KhelPlay Rummy than on any other similar app. This is a testimony of their superior interface and also the engaging game play.