Media Houses Rush to Local Star App to Scale up Their Digital Video Content and Revenue

Business Wire India

  • The Revolutionary Mobile News Studio platform, Local Star App lets any Smartphone user to create TV Channel like videos within just 5 minutes
  • Prime9 News and Raj News Telugu TV Channels deployed this cutting edge Mobile News Studio Platform across its stringer and reporter network to create studio-like video content from smartphone

PublicVibe, the leading Hyperlocal Community News Platform in India, on Wednesday announced that there is a huge rush for its revolutionary mobile news studio platform, Local Star App(Formerly Local Reporter App), among the vernacular TV Channels, which are looking to generate more videos at low cost by leveraging their existing stringer and reporter network. Introduced in March, 2020, Local Star app lets the users create studio-like videos in just 5 minutes. Usually, video production requires a lot of effort that consumes time, money and resources including designers, editors, voiceover artists, computers and newsroom to make them compelling to viewers. The unique news tech mobile studio app comes up with great features to produce high quality video content at no cost.

Aimed at optimizing the cost and time to produce a video, PublicVibe has developed Local Star app on a cutting edge technology platform to ensure content creators an instant tech solution that addresses all their existing problems. And, it has succeeded in its efforts and could significantly bring down the cost and time by about 85% compared to the traditional way of producing video content in India.

Initially local reporters, stringers and journalists used Local Star app to report news in PublicVibe. The alluring features, production of high quality videos at low cost and less time are making Local Star app very special among Content Creators, Reporters, Journalists, Youtubers, Newspapers, Bloggers and now even TV Channels are also adopting this mobile news studio platform.

After having onboarded over 10,000 Youtube Channels which are producing over 5,00,000 videos every month, now, PublicVibe has announced that it has onboarded Prime9 News and Raj News Telugu news channels, for making studio-like videos directly from reporters and stringers. Local Star App will help Prime9 News and Raj News Telugu news channels to significantly reduce cost to produce high quality video content and increase digital revenue by improving content reach.

While thanking Prime9 News, Raj News Telugu and others for choosing Local Star(Formerly Local Reporter App) as their preferred partner, Mr Narasimha Reddy Veeramreddy, Founder and CEO, PublicVibe said, “It is indeed a great privilege for us to be partnering with leading vernacular TV Channels to support their digital initiatives. 90% of news content is unused due to limited screen time, content making cost and time. We are happy to help the media houses to leverage their existing video content and scale digital revenue. We have been receiving an overwhelmed response from reporters, content creators, youtubers and news channels as anybody with a smartphone irrespective of technical knowledge can create videos like TV channels in just 5 minutes. We came up with very strong video ad integration in Local Star app, so that content creators can generate their own revenue from local advertisements, which is really a game changer in content ecosystem in India.”

TV Channels like Raj News Telugu, Prime9 News etc., earlier used to publish only 70 videos per day, but now, they are publishing 700-800 news items daily. Their video content is increased by 10x, content reach is improved by 12x and they are in the process of scaling up their digital revenue. He further stated that they are planning to onboard 150+ news channels across India in the next 12 to 18 months.

Currently, 2,00,000 content creators are using Local Star app and it is widely adopted by popular Youtube Channels, local cable TV networks and media houses. In the first 3 months itself, Local Star has witnessed 48X growth in video content (250 to 12,000 videos/day) and 120,000 reporters have signed up. Local Star app has 2,000 premium customers across India in the last 4 months to access all premium features and create unlimited studio-like videos. Currently, Local Star app has presence across India (88%), USA (6%), Sri Lanka (0.5%) and others (5.5%).