Millions of Dollars Spent on its Users as LiveMe Celebrates 6th Anniversary

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Popular livestreaming platform LiveMe recently began its grand 6th anniversary celebration, launching multiple events that exceed a total cost of one million US dollars, to mark LiveMe’s devotion to its users. Physical gifts such as LiveMe toy bears were also sent to users who have supported LiveMe for many years. As one of the most widely used livestreaming platforms in the world, LiveMe will continue to create greater values for users.


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Millions of Dollars Spent on its Users as LiveMe Celebrates 6th Anniversary (Graphic: Business Wire)

Millions of Dollars Spent on its Users as LiveMe Celebrates 6th Anniversary (Graphic: Business Wire)

Exclusive Celebration Events


Carnival themes were diverse, including basketball, April Fool’s Day, anniversary spokesperson, talent show, influencer match, game night and so on.


The exclusive page of Memoirs of Your 6 Years with LiveMe impressed users the most. On the memoir page, users can review their journey with LiveMe, from joining time to their first live broadcast with data on the number of gifts they have received and an internal friendship map. The memoir page is shareable inside LiveMe communities and external social media platforms. LiveMe has received many messages from social media users, expressing their support and love for LiveMe and wishing LiveMe a happy birthday.


In addition, the Confession Wall, a new function released during the carnival, has also been popular among users because it further narrows the distance and establishes closer connections between users in a creative way. Users can leave messages to their preferred broadcasters on the Confession Wall. All messages are open to the public and will be kept for 24 hours. People check the Confession Wall, reading their own messages as well as other confession content.


Twists and Achievements


In April 2016, LiveMe was quietly launched. In just three months, LiveMe became the most popular social livestreaming App among young Americans, and it reached top one in the US Social App Ranking. LiveMe then co-branded with various brands and influencers, and even became the star of VidCon, the most well-known influencer gathering party in the world, creating a series of highly sought-after theme shows and VIP parties.


However, in 2019, with the pursuit of being more independent and sustainable, LiveMe had a reconstruction of the whole company, and experienced an overwhelming operating pressure for a while. In 2020, the outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic set more fierce pressures on LiveMe internally and externally. LiveMe’s employees are all over the world, and the raging epidemic made it difficult for them to continue their normal lives. And plenty of planned offline events could not be carried out due to continuous lockdown. LiveMe had to give more of its attention to taking care of its employees and keeping connected with the users.


Yuki He, founder and CEO of LiveMe, mentioned in many of her interviews that LiveMe has experienced twists and turns during the past 6 years, but LiveMe always persists in helping users to make new friends and express themselves as they have from day one. LiveMe constantly works to optimize their App, upgrade security and privacy protection, and to provide a better user experience. Especially during the pandemic period, LiveMe became a new channel for people to build relationships, make a living and grow as an influencer.


At present, LiveMe is developing rapidly and achieving new goals. The Samsung Galaxy Store also awarded LiveMe with the title of Best Entertainment App in 2021.


Warm Stories in Warm Community


Connecting the world and spreading happiness is the mission of LiveMe. In the past 6 years, under the call of this mission, LiveMe has been striving to create a social livestreaming platform for users to meet new friends and have fun.


At the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic situation in the United States was severe, there was a single mother working as an Uber driver shedding tears during her live broadcast on LiveMe. She was emotionally grateful to LiveMe for giving her a source of income and being able to support her and her children during the pandemic. In September this year, a couple of lovers from the United States will get married. They met and fell in love via LiveMe, and finally became engaged.


There are countless warm stories in the LiveMe community.


The 6th anniversary carnival will last until April 30th. Users can participate in carnival events by downloading the LiveMe App, and win coins and bonuses.