Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions: Hitachi AC

Business Wire IndiaEarlier air conditioners used to give out ice-cold air that would make you uncomfortable and give you chills. Fortunately, with the evolution of technology, air conditioners from reputed brands now offer various benefits to customers.
If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner, you should definitely look at the range of ACs provided by Hitachi Cooling & Heating India. Brand offers ACs with some latest innovations and seamless integration of technology. Checkout the features below:
1. Ambience light

Enjoy the comfort you seek with Hitachi’s Ambience light feature. Enjoy the comfort of an environment where the temperature is just perfect. With the highest level of craftsmanship, Ambience light is an immersive display on Hitachi AC and colours are bold and soothing that ideally tune-in with your taste for temperature.

Know your environment be it cold, comfort or warm with Ambience light feature by Hitachi. It has three specific colors:

  • Cool Ambience (Set Temp: 16~23 °C): The blue color display shows the coldness of the environment. When the AC temperature is between 16 ~ 23 °C, the ambience light shows blue color signifying a cool and peaceful environment.
  • Comfort Ambience (Set Temp: 24~27 °C): The green color display signifies relaxed surroundings. When the AC temperature is between 24 ~ 27 °C, the ambience light shows green color representing that the surrounding is neither too hot, nor too cold, just seamlessly comfortable.
  • Warm Ambience (Set Temp: 28~32 °C):  The red color show denotes the warmth of the environment. When the AC temperature is between 27 ~ 30 °C, the ambience light becomes red representing a warm and cosy surrounding.

2. airCloud Home

Hitachi airCloud Home app allows you to remotely monitor and control your system from a single app through your smartphone, digital device, or voice assistant on your mobile for conveniently managing temperature. It includes the Smart Fence feature. Connect your AC to your geolocation with the smart-fence feature and enjoy effortless benefits of scheduling AC on/off before you arrive/ after you leave your space.
3. iceClean- FrostWash Technology
Hitachi’s FrostWash is a revolutionary technology that helps the AC to clean itself from dust and moulds. The ice Clean feature enables collecting the moisture in the room to form dew on the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is then frozen to -15°C. The dust trapped inside frost is easily peeled off as frozen water expands in volume.
Now the frozen water containing dust particles is melted and drained out. The fans then dry out the exchanger completing the cleaning process.

4. Xpandable+
The AC automatically senses adverse temperature conditions and expands its cooling capacity by cutting down the humidity level inside the room. It can expand its cooling capacity by increasing the compressor’s rotation per minute (RPM) from the standard RPM.
This technology can be very useful in Indian cities that face scorching heat during the summer season by providing quick relief from the heat without affecting the performance of the AC.