Mr. Vinay Singh Recognized as “Man of Excellence” by Indian Achievers Forum for Leadership at Thomson Digital and Q&I

Business Wire India
Mr. Vinay Singh, the Executive Director and CEO of Thomson Digital and Q&I (, has been honored with the esteemed “Man of Excellence” award by the Indian Achievers Forum (IAF). This recognition underscores Mr. Singh’s exemplary leadership and pioneering contributions to the digital publishing and educational technology sectors through Thomson Digital and Q&I.
The Indian Achievers Forum is renowned for recognizing outstanding achievements across various domains. Comprising a distinguished advisory board of senior leaders, journalists, CEOs, and industry experts, the forum is committed to promoting social entrepreneurship and fostering collaboration among professionals.
Mr. Singh’s journey at Thomson Digital and Q&I epitomizes resilience, dedication, and transformative innovation spanning over three decades. Since joining Thomson Press in 1991, Mr. Singh has played a pivotal role in establishing Thomson Digital as a leader in the digital publishing landscape.
Leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Thomson Digital spearheaded a paradigm shift in smart publishing, revolutionizing the industry’s digital landscape. Q&I is a pioneering educational initiative under Thomson Digital and stands as an educational powerhouse, propelled by cutting-edge research and a mission to enhance student performance.
Under his leadership, Thomson Digital and Q&I have witnessed unprecedented growth, driving expansions, and fostering cutting-edge product developments.
The “Man of Excellence” award is a testament to Mr. Vinay Singh’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. His contributions continue to redefine the future of digital publishing and education, inspiring industry peers and setting new benchmarks for innovation.