NeoBenk Launches Global Partners Program for Innovative Financial Services

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NeoBenk (, a Worldwide Digital Payment Corporation, today announced the launch of its Global Partners Program that spurs wider availability and mass adoption of digital assets. NeoBenk’s Global Partners Program is designed to enable a full range of financial solutions and infrastructure that empowers millions of people.


  • NeoBenk announces a total reward distribution of $1 Million (about Rs750 Lakh) for celebrating its official launch on 20th November. Any customer who joins NeoBenk till 20th November will take part in this reward distribution.
  • NeoBenk Ventures, the strategic investment arm of NeoBenk, last week said it sets up $10 Million (about Rs7.5 Crore) for Indian Startups in Digital Payments.
  • NeoBenk today announced the launch of its Global Partners Program that spurs wider availability and mass adoption of digital assets.
  • NeoBenk invites interested companies and individuals to apply for the Global Partners Program here (

Clearly, the world is rapidly advancing from physical to digital, and that’s so true for financial services. NeoBenk’s services are instrumental in helping people deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Financial uncertainties have led people to adopt new ways of cashless payments. NeoBenk introduced varieties of services to customers to meet their requirements for getting financially immuned in the pandemic with high interest-bearing personal accounts, business accounts, peer-to-peer payments, crypto trading, and more. As the market continues to evolve in the coming months, NeoBenk will collaborate with the partners to identify new business challenges that can be quickly addressed.

At press Indranil Sinha, President of NeoBenk stated, “We’ll roll out to 100% in the Indian Market in the next two to three weeks. Then we are going to expand in Africa and the Asia Pacific” he continued. “This move comes at a critical time when the nation and the entire world is facing a tough economic environment brought in by the global health pandemic COVID-19.”

The president also believes “Business transformation cannot be accomplished alone. That’s why we’re deeply invested in our partner programs, and we’ll continue to develop new ones to help our customers maximize the potential of the NeoBenk services.” he added, “By joining NeoBenk’s Global Partners Program, we’re not only able to unlock new revenue streams and growth opportunities with outstanding profitability, but also address some of today’s most pressing financial issues.”

At the press, the company stated, “The key part of accelerating footprint across geographies is the Global Partners Program. We believe NeoBenk Partnership can accelerate adoption and bring innovation in the relatively under penetrated digital assets space across different geographies. Together with our trusted partners, we can take some of the most innovative and differentiated financial services to the industry and open newer sources of growth. In addition, our partners will enjoy great commissions per transaction and access to marketing enablement support and materials. They will also benefit with a NeoBenk Expert assigned to them for a better experience. We have established a robust onboarding process for new partners, which includes special training on NeoBenk products and market of operation.”

NeoBenk Global Partners Program is free to join and targets the currency exchanges, money service businesses, banks, and financial institutions. It enables them to increase their revenue and market share.

For more information about NeoBenk Global Partners Program and how to become a partner, please visit NeoBenk Partners Website (