Pocket HRMS Launches Digital Bharat 2.0 Mission for SMEs with Compliance Portal and Regional Language WhatsApp Integration

Business Wire IndiaPocket HRMS, India’s best smHRt HRMS (HR Management Software) has announced the launch of their mission Bharat 2.0 to enable SMEs in India to digitalize their complete HRMS, Payroll system and related compliances with intuitive and easy-to-use HR software over WhatsApp messaging platform in regional Indian languages.
“The ABC of Indian SME according to me stands for Aspiration, Budgeting and Compliances,” states Mr. Jitendra Somani, CEO of Pocket HRMS. “We highly value the tremendous aspirations of Indian SMEs and want to help them embark on their journey by supporting them with budgeting and compliances, which consumes a major chunk of their valuable time.”
“We have recently signed a strategic partnership with Fi Money to provide end-to-end Payroll, HRMS, Digital Banking, simplified Salary Credit, along with Financial Wellness Free of cost, taking care of budgetary constraints and challenges of SMEs as well as Startup businesses,” explains Mr. Somani. “We have also launched a dedicated Compliance Portal that will help SMEs and Startup companies in growth phase to automate generation of various Payroll-related compliances, including regional reporting requirements related to Central Acts such as PF, ESIC as well as state level acts of Professional Tax, Labour Acts, reports under Shops and Establishment Act, and others, directly without manual preparation of such reports using spreadsheets,” adds Jitendra Somani.
“We believe in simplification of technology for businesses so that they can focus on their core business rather than struggle with technical complications,” adds Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, MD for Pocket HRMS. “Imagine receiving your pay slip in your regional language, or a factory supervisor approving leave request of an employee by clicking a button in their WhatsApp Messenger, rather than logging on to complex employee self-service portals, or struggling with the hassle of downloading apps from the App Store or Play Store.”
“With such simplification, we want to empower employers and enable employees of Indian SME businesses to harness the power of modern technology by streamlining and automating their processes related to people and human resource management,” concludes Kumar Siddhartha.
“Bharat has already experienced digitalization 1.0 with adaption of internet banking, digital payment experience, online shopping, electronic service related to various government sites, and more. Now, we are ready for the Digital 2.0 experience which will enable us to modernize workforce management, skilling and wellbeing of our employees using digital medium instead of paper-based attendance system or spreadsheet-based pay calculations and manual deposits of wages,” concludes Mr. Somani.
Sujith Narayanan, CEO of Fi Money said, “Amidst the evolving world, salary accounts must adapt to meet the ever-growing needs of working professionals. With Pocket HRMS, we are proud to deliver a seamless salary management experience for SMEs that integrates the best of both money and employee management, providing unparalleled solutions to the modern workforce.”
Some core features of Pocket HRMS:

  • Complete Payroll and HRMS functions from Hire-to-Retire
  • Skill Management, Training, Evaluation and Performance Appraisals
  • WhatsApp Integration for Notification and Approval workflow
  • Ecosystem of Partner Network to include additional HR services like BGV, Neo Banking, R&R, etc.