Quectel Teams up With Finite State to Reinforce Wireless Module Security

Business Wire India

Quectel, a global IoT solutions provider, has partnered with Finite State, the leader in managing software supply chain risk for the enterprise, to enhance the security of its modules through rigorous security testing, improved software supply chain visibility, and comprehensive software risk management.


Quectel said it launched its partnership with Finite State to address the rapidly evolving regulatory environment and the need for robust and verifiable information about secure software development practices to ultimately ensure peace of mind to customers.


The strategic alliance with Finite State and Quectel forms a vital aspect of a larger initiative geared towards ensuring that Quectel’s product suite is compliant and secure, with specific emphasis on transparency, regulatory compliance, and a steadfast dedication to maintaining industry leading standards of security.


The program’s objectives are threefold:


  1. Thorough security testing of Quectel’s key devices, utilizing both automated and manual methods to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities
  2. Enhancing software transparency via the production of Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for each product in Quectel’s expansive portfolio, providing an unprecedented level of insight into the security profile of each device
  3. The integration of Finite State’s industry-leading firmware binary analysis capabilities in Quectel’s DevSecOps processes, enabling a comprehensive approach to vulnerability and risk management throughout the product development lifecycle.


These objectives echo Quectel’s commitment to ongoing excellence in security practices — a dedication that is aimed at providing documented proof of effective security practices to government regulators, customers, and business partners.


Finite State said it is approaching this partnership with its standard practice of meticulous analysis of product and supply-chain security risk. Through this collaboration, Quectel is not only addressing the industry’s security concerns but is also differentiating itself as a market leader in the IoT industry, dedicated to providing secure and reliable products.


“Comprehensive security testing via an industry leading security firm like Finite State plays a crucial role in module development by uncovering potential vulnerabilities. By subjecting our modules to thorough testing with Finite State, we will identify potential areas of cyber security vulnerabilities that we can address before they become an issue for our device OEM customers,” said Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO of Quectel.


“The partnership between Quectel and Finite State signifies a commitment to delivering high-quality, secure modules that meet the evolving needs of the wireless industry,” said Finite State CEO, Matt Wyckhouse. “By subjecting their modules to thorough security testing throughout the product development lifecycle and embracing software transparency via SBOMs, Quectel can provide their customers with products that offer robust and secure connectivity. This approach highlights Quectel’s dedication to security and their drive to maintain their position as a trusted provider of wireless modules and solutions.”


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