Raja M. Koduri Announces MIHIRA: A Platform to Empower Creators That Redefine Storytelling with AI and Real-Time Graphics

Business Wire India
Today, visionary leader Raja M. Koduri, renowned for his contributions to the world of visual and accelerated computing at Intel, AMD, Apple and Makuta, announced his new company, MIHIRA. The announcement came at the SemiconIndia 2023 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.
Under Raja Koduri’s leadership, MIHIRA is developing a new platform with services, software and silicon systems built for storytellers. The advancement of real-time graphics tools and the advent of powerful Generative AI models enables amazing creative possibilities for both traditional and interactive stories.
The MIHIRA platform is being designed by an experienced team consisting of former members from prominent Tech giants, Animation and Visual effects fields. It aims to remove some of the software and hardware friction that impedes artists across the world today.
“Every artist in the world needs democratized access to sophisticated hardware to develop immersive environments, tune custom AI models and deploy their content,” said Raja M. Koduri, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of MIHIRA. “At MIHIRA we are building software and hardware systems to help artists. We also aspire to be the largest employer of artists across the world.”
MIHIRA is a global company with offices in North America and Asia.