Redefine the Way You Ride. BMW Motorrad Introduces BMW G 310 R Rider Academy

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  • Experience the thrill of riding the BMW G 310 R.
  • Riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts under expert guidance.
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BMW Motorrad has announced the first-ever BMW G 310 R Rider Academy in India. The Rider Academy will offer BMW G 310 R riders curated training sessions to hone their riding skills under expert guidance.
BMW Motorrad will host a one-day exclusive riding experience for BMW G 310 R owners. The participants will go through a comprehensive training. The training includes basic familiarity of the motorcycle, understanding of correct rider position, throttle control, vision, steering and other exercises such as emergency braking and riding on track.
The new BMW G 310 R embodies the pure essence of a BMW roadster. It offers precisely what is needed for performance and comfort in the city. It masters a range of disciplines; it’s just as happy winding its way nimbly and flexibly through the narrow city streets as it is travelling along country roads.
Registration for the BMW G 310 R Rider Academy can be made by contacting the nearest authourised BMW Motorrad dealership.
The following regulations apply

  • Participants are required to hold a valid driver’s license (at the time of the event).
  • Only applicable for BMW Motorrad G 310 R owners
  • The customers can participate only on their motorcycle and will undergo scrutiny to check the fitness of the motorcycle
  • The organisers are entitled to exclude vehicles that do not comply to the minimum operating standards
  • All riders must wear suitable rider gear that is in good condition.

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