Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films Presents Ouch 2, a Comic Tale of an Extra Marital Affair Starring Sharman Joshi, Nidhi Bisht and Shefali Jariwala

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Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, in collaboration with Friday Storytellers released its latest short film titled Ouch 2 today. Written and directed by Vaibhav Mutha, and produced by Shital Bhatia, the 15-minute film exposes a deceitful two-timer, Sudeep (played by Sharman Joshi), in a hilarious coincidence. Starring Nidhi Bisht who plays his wife Deepu and Shefali Jariwala as the girlfriend Tanya, the film is a wonderfully funny take on how a typical extra-marital affair ends.

Set in late-night Mumbai, Ouch 2 is a cautionary tale about two timing. It begins with a flirtatious Sudeep and his girlfriend Tanya on their way back from work. After dropping her home, Sudeep cheekily calls Tanya but is annoyed when his wife (whose name he’s saved as ‘Mummy Ji’) calls in between and complains about him being late again. While the call with Tanya is still on hold and he’s throwing a tantrum on the call with his wife Deepu, he gets pulled over by a cop for talking on the phone while driving. Before he realizes, the two calls get merged and Sudeep’s extra-marital adventures come to a screeching halt.

Talking about the short film, actor Sharman Joshi said, “I think it is amazing how Ouch 2 reveals an extra-marital plot in a comical way in mere 15 minutes. Vaibhav Mutha has done a great job. Each of the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is unique in its own way and I’m elated that Ouch 2 gets to join the fold.”

Actor Nidhi Bisht added, “I have always fancied the way short films are; a well-rounded story told in a span of 15-20mins. I loved the script and **Royal Stag Large short films- is a master of such quirky stories. I hope the audiences enjoy watching it as much as we did while making it!”

Actor Shefali Jariwala shared, “It’s been a pleasure to be a part of Ouch 2 for Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films. It’s a hilarious take on an extra-marital affair. The cast and crew have done a great job making it. I can’t wait to see how people find it.”

Writer and director Vaibhav Mutha said, “The pretext of Ouch 2 was set by Neeraj Pandey’s Ouch which was released by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films in 2016. Stories on extra marital affairs and office romances are common, but I truly enjoy the challenge of reintroducing these plots with unconventional twists. It has been exciting to work on Ouch 2 with a talented ensemble of cast, Shital Bhatia and the amazing Friday Storytellers team. We wanted to keep it simple, funny and short of course. I hope the viewers enjoy it watching as much as we loved creating it.”

Ouch 2 will premier exclusively on Royal Stag Barrel Select’s Large Short Films YouTube Channel, a platform to watch the most original and inspiring short films featuring some of the finest actors and directors in India.

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