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Salim Merchant to Compose Live Score at WhiteHat Jr’s Virtual Learning Event CreatorSpace: MusIQ

Business Wire IndiaWhiteHat Jr, the leading live one-on-one online learning platform, is all set to host the latest edition of its open virtual learning event for children and parents titled ‘CreatorSpace: MusIQ’ focused on music and animation. To be held on August 14, 2021, at 7:30 pm IST / 10:00 am EDT, ‘CreatorSpace: MusIQ’ is a unique event where coding, music and animation converge. As a part of the event, renowned music composer Salim Merchant will be composing a live music score to inspire children to learn music and enjoy the experience of creating their own original composition. Internationally renowned art-director and production designer Anthony Christov will provide an insider’s look at the technology used in animation, gaming and music while budding artist Jessiah will give a deeper understanding of music production for the benefit of children and parents.

“Seven notes is all it takes to create magic with music. The melody can have a profound impact on the listener. Learning music can ignite all areas of child development and skills. The idea to create live music with an objective to inspire the young generation to become creators of music excites me,” said celebrated music composer Salim Merchant. “I like live online sessions as they enable thousands of children to interact and absorb which isn’t possible in physical settings. I hope kids across the world will join-in and have fun.”
Internationally renowned art director and production designer Anthony Christov said, “We animate to tell stories and communicate emotions in a unique, easy-to-understand way. This imaginative world is powered by the tech at the backend. I will try and make it easier for children to understand the process behind animated frames. I hope this session will inspire children to learn more about animation.”
Budding artist Jessiah added, “Digital technology has democratized music production and has enabled virtually anyone to produce music and publish it on social media. During my CreatorSpace session, I plan to share my own story about learning to play multiple instruments, creating cover music, and launching my first single. My session will also touch upon the various stages of music production and will feature a live performance.”
‘CreatorSpace: MusIQ’ is a part of WhiteHat Jr’s flagship virtual interactive learning series titled CreatorSpace which addresses an exciting new topic each month with the help of world renowned experts. Earlier editions of the event have seen students engaging with global STEM leaders in the areas of Math, Coding, Satellites, Space Exploration and Gaming.
The event is fully complimentary for all enthusiastic learners and their parents and registration is open at https://creatorspace.whitehatjr.com