SAS Research and Development, India Ranks No. 1 Again in India’s Great Mid-size Workplaces

Business Wire India
Great Place To Work® Institute has identified India’s top 50 Great Mid-size Workplaces and SAS Research and Development (India), Pune is ranked at number 1 in 2020. This year, more than 1000 organizations registered for Great Place to Work Assessment and the survey covered the voices of over 21,00,000 employees across 21 plus industries.
This is the second consecutive year that SAS R&D India is ranked #01 on the list of mid-size companies, the fourth consecutive year in the top 10 and is recognized by its employees as an organization that promotes trust, pride, and camaraderie.
SAS R&D India has successfully established and nurtured a workplace environment that excels in almost every area of employees’ workplace experience. There are several unique programs that cater to the demographics of all employees. These programs are well integrated with the direction in which the organization is headed currently and involve a high degree of personal and human connects.
“I am continually inspired by our SAS family members’ resilience and dedication in evolving the qualities that define us, that describe who we are, and that guide our actions. The essence of our culture, our values, influences everything from the software we create to the decisions we make and the interactions we have with colleagues. We see customers delighted by the products we develop and employees who would rather be at SAS than any other company. Customer associations and employee tenures are built to last at SAS,” said Moti Thadani, Head – Research and Development.
“It’s an absolute honor to represent employees of SAS as we receive this prestigious 2020 Great Place to Work award. We are humbled by our consistent high ranking since 2017 and being ranked number 1, this year too. In a highly competitive cloud-enabled analytics market, our success depends on our ability to foster an inspiring company culture, to nurture and retain top talent in India. It’s rewarding to see our leaders are committed to collaborating, listening, and engaging with employees. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, our employees are energized as we continue to do what is right for our customers, each other, and the world at large. Our CEO, Dr. Jim Goodnight, has led SAS as a player in the infinite game for over 40 years, putting people before profit, heart-count over headcount, taking a long-term view, and always nurturing an employee-first workplace. This has inspired, our employees to always perform their best,” said Soumi Alphons, Head – Human Resources.

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