Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Media launches Horizon documentary on Netflix, about wildlife in the Kingdom

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  • H.E. Al-Dosari: The new documentary unveils secrets from the Kingdom’s wildlife
  • Horizon reflects Saudi Arabia’s leading efforts to protect and preserve wildlife


Konoz, an initiative of the Saudi Ministry of Media’s Center for Government Communication, launched “Horizon”, a new documentary documenting the Kingdom’s rich biodiversity and natural resources. Produced in collaboration with the National Center for Wildlife, the documentary is currently streaming on Netflix.


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: (Photo: AETOSWire)

The film, the latest production of the Konoz Initiative, aims to raise awareness of Saudi Arabia’s species richness and biodiversity and its distinctive geographical areas, and highlights the leading efforts exerted by the Kingdom to protect wildlife, preserve rare species, and acquaint the world with its various rich resources. The documentary showcases Saudi Arabia’s picturesque nature, its diverse plant and animal life, and the abundant riches of its lands.


Commenting on the release, H.E. Minister of Media, Mr. Salman bin Yousef Al-Dosari, said: “Horizon is a new documentary designed to showcase and acquaint the world with the secrets and richness of Saudi Arabia’s wildlife.”


The documentary provides a visual journey into the Kingdom’s wide variety of fungal organisms in their natural habitats, such as plains, mountains, valleys, and vast sea. Viewers will enjoy learning about the variety of animal populations, such as the dugong, dolphins, Arabian leopards, deer and oryx species. They will also be given a glimpse into the Kingdom’s unique biodiversity, varied terrains, regions, and different climates, which nurture the harmonious coexistence between more than 10,000 species, each of which have made unique adaptations to thrive in their specific environments.


Through “Horizon”, viewers will embark on a visual journey across five elements: marine ecosystems, mountains, deserts, humans and nature, and will be swept off into the future, to learn about the prospects for the Kingdom’s environmental wealth.


Mohammed Qurban, CEO of the National Center for Wildlife, underscored the importance of this joint project produced in collaboration between the National Center for Wildlife and the Ministry of Media, which documents the various animal species across the Kingdom.


He said: “This documentary reflects Saudi Arabia’s diligent efforts towards restoring terrestrial and marine ecosystems, supporting biodiversity, expanding protected areas, as well as nurturing endangered species in controlled environments and reintroducing them into their natural habitats. This will enhance ecological balance and achieve sustainability.”


Source: AETOSWire