Score a Crush: happn’s Winning Icebreakers for Cricket Fans

Business Wire IndiaAs the cricket fever sweeps across the nation with the Indian Premier League (IPL) in full swing, happn, the real-life dating app, is here to bowl singles over with some fun ways to spark conversations with cricket enthusiasts. Whether they are die-hard cricket fans or casual spectators, happn has got their back with some quirky ice breakers guaranteed to win the game of love.

1. Cricket & Chill: Share with your Crush your pre-match rituals and superstitions, whether it’s wearing lucky socks or chanting mantras for your team’s success.
2. Which IPL Team is Your Spirit Animal: Get playful and compare IPL teams to animals. Are they fierce like a Royal Challengers Bengaluru or as elegant as a Rajasthan Royal?
3. Cricket Bucket List: Find out what’s on your Crush’s cricket bucket list, from attending a match at Wankhede to meeting Kohli, bond over your cricket dreams and aspirations.
4. If Cricket Teams Were Superheroes: Combine comic books with cricket to imagine IPL teams as superheroes. Are Mumbai Indians akin to the Avengers, assembling a star-studded lineup, or are they more like the Justice League, fighting for glory with unmatched zeal? Banter is the best ice-breaker!
5. The Ultimate Cricket Playlist: Music and cricket go hand in hand! Share your favourite cricket-themed songs or pump-up anthems that get you in the IPL spirit. You might discover a new favourite track to add to your playlist.
6. Cricket Snacks Showdown: Get your taste buds tingling by discussing the ultimate cricket snack showdown. Are you team samosas, fries or momos? Share your snack preferences and plan a cricket-watching munchies date.
7. IPL Trivia Time: Challenge your Crush to a game of cricket trivia. Test their knowledge with questions like, “Who holds the record for the most sixes in IPL history?” or “What was the year that KKR won the IPL?”

With these playful icebreakers, sparking a conversation with that cricket-loving Crush has never been easier! Whether it’s bonding over match-day rituals or competing with some IPL trivia, happn is the ultimate wingman for connecting with fellow cricket enthusiasts. So, don’t be shy—take a swing, hit that Crush button, and let the sparks fly!