SCREEN Develops SS-3300S Scrubber Type Single Wafer Cleaning System With Industry-leading Productivity

Business Wire India

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. (SCREEN SPE, president: Masato Goto), a SCREEN Holdings Group (TOKYO:7735) company, has finalized development of its new SS-3300S scrubber type1 single wafer cleaning system. The SS-3300S provides highly stable performance at processing speeds of up to 1,000 wafers per hour,2 enabling it to deliver industry-leading productivity. Sales of the system will begin in December.


The data center market has expanded significantly in recent years, driven by the continuing rise in data traffic required for activities such as remote working, e-learning and video streaming. At the same time, rapid adoption of 5G-compatible smartphones and IoT infrastructure mainly for in-vehicle and industrial applications has created growing demand for the sophisticated semiconductors needed by these and other cutting-edge markets.


In response, semiconductor manufacturers have consistently improved the miniaturization and integration of the circuits for advanced logic and memory ICs, leading in turn to an even greater requirement for the removal of microscopic particles during semiconductor manufacturing processes. More specifically, this has created a growing demand for high-throughput scrubber type single wafer cleaning systems that can provide a higher level of cleaning performance as well as more stable processing capabilities.


Based on these trends, SCREEN SPE has developed the SS-3300S, a scrubber type single wafer cleaning system that delivers industry-leading productivity. The SS-3300S inherits the same widely praised processing reliability that has already seen the SS-3200 become the industry de facto standard in this field, with over 500 systems now shipped worldwide. The SS-3300S also makes it possible to continue using exactly the same processing conditions as those developed for the SS-3200, ensuring the smooth introduction of a new system.


In an industry-first3 for a scrubber type system, the SS-3300S is equipped with a new platform enabling the installation of up to 16 chambers. In addition, a new dual transport system dramatically improves production volume for the system footprint, helping the SS-3300S to achieve the industry’s highest level of practical processing capacity at up to 1,000 wph (25% gain compared to conventional models). Similarly, a redesigned control system means the SS-3300S is ready for IoT and inter-system connection, as required by the current transition to smart factories.


1. Method in which wafers are physically cleaned using soft brushes and pure water.
2. Peak throughput during continuous operation with the same flow recipe.
3. Based on SCREEN in-house research.