Seagram’s Royal Stag Boombox Puts Forth a Sensational on-Ground Experience in Indore, Madhya Pradesh with Musicians Badshah, Bali, Nikhita Gandhi and DJ Yogii

Business Wire India

Celebrating the spirit of ‘Living it Large’, Seagram’s Royal Stag presents Royal Stag Boombox, a first-of-its-kind musical experience. It is the sound of a young generation, a tribe that tends to make rather than follow trends, a tribe that is in constant search of soul-stirring experiences. The musical experience held its third on-ground experience in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on April 8, 2023. The city came alive as Royal Stag Boombox audaciously brought together polar opposites of the music industry – the melody of Bollywood and the gully vibe of Hip-Hop – to make original music, to create a new soundscape.

With an excited crowd of close to 10,000 people, the Indore experience was abuzz with youthful energy. The venue (Velvet Garden) was beautifully lit with vibrant colors, featuring various facets of culture, merchandise, food and a myriad interactive experience for the audience to engage with. The mood and feel of the event were truly unique and youthful, reflective of the pulse of the city. It was nothing like the city had ever experienced before. In addition to the headline performers, various other acts kept the audiences engaged during the event, including performances by local bands, dancers, flippers and beatboxers in the afternoon. As the evening drew closer, DJ Yogii took over the stage, enlivening the festival with his mashups. This was followed by rapper Bali, who spread the reverberating vibe of hip-hop through the crowd. The evening soon took a melodious turn as singer Nikhita Gandhi arrived on stage and worked her magic. And with the ultimate headlining performance by Badshah, the event truly reached its peak.

Rapper Badshah expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Being associated with Royal Stag Boombox and having the chance to perform for my incredible fans in Indore was truly exciting. I am now eagerly looking forward to delivering a memorable performance in Pune and setting the stage on fire with my music.”

Singer Nikhita Gandhi added, “As a vocalist, I enjoy the idea of creating something new. So, the idea of creating a new genre of music, a beautiful combination of Bollywood and Hip Hop with Royal Stag Boombox, got me excited instantaneously. Performing live in a beautiful city of Indore adds to the experience.”

Rapper Bali expressed, “It’s an exciting time for Hip Hop in India. It feels great to see that Royal Stag Boombox is not only celebrating this music form but curating a unique blend of Hip Hop and Melody that will surely resonate with music lovers across India. Performing in Indore was a special experience.”

DJ Yogii said, “It is very cool to see a music festival like Royal Stag Boombox create a new genre of music, with the vibe of hip-hop and melodies of Bollywood. I had a splendid time performing in Indore.”

Kartik Mohindra, CMO, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Music and experience bring people together like nothing else and are natural enablers of conviviality. Royal Stag has always strived to pulse with the passion points of the youth of this country and Royal Stag Boombox is the perfect platform for the brand to connect with tomorrow’s India. Royal Stag Boombox is a direct extension of the Royal Stag philosophy of “Living it Large,” while offering a unique opportunity of coming together and enjoying new experiences. It has created a new soundscape by blending two exciting genres, hip-hop and melody; this might just become the new rhythm of young India!”

Ajay Gupte, CEO- South Asia, Wavemaker said, “Royal Stag has always positioned itself as a youth brand and with Royal Stag Boombox – a unique and engaging musical experience designed for the young consumer, we are taking it a step further. This is yet another innovative collaboration between Wavemaker and Pernod Ricard in the area of music and entertainment. We are confident that Royal Stag Boombox will appeal to the music lovers of the country and will be a huge success.”

For many years, music has been a key consumer engagement pillar for Royal Stag. Today, the youth tilts towards exploring exciting new forms of music. Contemporary genres such as hip-hop are becoming increasingly popular among the youth of the country, while Bollywood melodies remain integral to their cultural milieu. Royal Stag Boombox intends to stir the imagination of this generation, blending music they have inherited, Bollywood scores, with the genre that speaks to them, Hip Hop.

Royal Stag Boombox manifests itself in two unique, engaging formats:

  • The in-studio format: a unique Phygital music concept featuring four original Melody x Hip Hop music tracks to be released as singles and videos across platforms.
  • On-ground format: the festival travels to five of India’s biggest youth hubs – Manipal, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Pune and Dehradun – to offer a heady mix in each city, of enviable headline acts alongside food, culture and merchandise. Quite simply, a youthful carnival feel that cannot be missed.
Royal Stag Boombox upcoming experiences:
City Date Headliner Hip Hop Melody DJ
Pune 15th April, 2023 Badshah Bali Nikhita Gandhi DJ Ali Merchant
Dehradun 29th April, 2023 Armaan Malik EPR Neeti Mohan DJ Yogii