Sealmatic Accreditation for ISO 19443 Nuclear Applications

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Sealmatic has been accredited with ISO 19443 for Nuclear Applications and is the only mechanical seal company in India/globally which has the distinction of having this Certification.

ISO 19443 is a nuclear-specific quality management standard designed to improve safety and quality throughout the nuclear supply chain. It creates enhanced principles specific to the nuclear energy sector, merging safety best practice with requirements that are unique to the field in order to obtain optimum nuclear safety.

At Sealmatic Nuclear, safety is of the highest importance and the company has put in place a sound safety culture throughout the whole nuclear supply chain. Sealmatic is committed to not only meet the customer’s needs but enhance customer satisfaction through effective application of the ISO 19443 system. This includes how to implement risk-based thinking, improvements to be made and conformity assurance.

Brought about by climate change and the ballooning population, the search for clean energy alternatives has prompted governments to find a balance between economic and environment sustainability. One way to do this is through the construction of nuclear energy plants. Viewed as a reliable energy source, the use of nuclear power has seen support across the globe, with over many reactors constructed across 15 countries in the last decade.

As the world moves away from traditional fossil fuels towards clean energy alternatives, demand for nuclear power has risen. With both developed and developing countries expanding and refining their nuclear programmes, energy providers are faced with the challenge of producing plants that comply with national and international quality and safety requirements while remaining on-time and on-budget. 

Through ISO 19443 qualification, Sealmatic assures project owners of their nuclear power plant’s safety and resilience in any event. 

Sealmatic has tight safety regulations throughout its supply chain. ISO 19443 certification demonstrates that Sealmatic’s quality management system (QMS) combines best practice in quality with the specific requirements of the nuclear industry. It also shows the quality and reliability of the processes as well as focusses on areas for development and continuous improvement.
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