’s New Campaign to Normalise Men Shopping Lingerie

Business Wire India
For centuries, it has been common practice that women purchase undergarments for men. But what about when it’s the other way around? There has been a long-standing inequality in this area, with women usually being the ones who buy undergarments for themselves, their families, or their friends. Despite the changing times, many men are still hesitant to go into lingerie stores or buy lingerie for the females in their lives.

In an effort to normalise this process, conducted a social experiment among people of different backgrounds and ages. The aim was to encourage men to take part in the process of buying lingerie for women without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable about it. The results showed that many men were still uncomfortable with the idea of purchasing lingerie for women. As one participant said, “It felt strange to walk into a lingerie store and buy a product like this for someone else. I wasn’t sure what size or style would be appropriate!”

To help break down these barriers, Shyaway is encouraging more men to get involved in purchasing lingerie for their partners & families. Their website provides helpful tips on choosing the right size and style of lingerie for different body types, as well as advice on how to select items based on preferences such as colour or fabric type.

“It was really interesting to see how attitudes towards shopping for lingerie changed during our experiment,” said Gopinathan Ramachandran, founder of Shyaway. “We wanted to break down the stigma associated with men buying lingerie and show that there is nothing wrong with it. Ultimately, we hope that our efforts will create an environment where everyone feels comfortable shopping lingerie regardless of gender.”

Overall, the outcome of Shyaway’s social experiment has shown that society is slowly becoming more open to accepting this change in mindset regarding lingerie shopping habits. The company hopes that this will create a more equal environment where both men and women can shop without any inhibitions or embarrassment attached to it.

By challenging traditional norms around lingerie shopping, Shyaway is making great strides towards creating a more equal society where everyone feels at ease participating in activities that were previously seen as taboo or off-limits due to gender stereotypes.

Shyaway hopes that its social experiment will raise awareness about the importance of normalising the process of buying undergarments regardless of gender or age, while also encouraging customers to shop confidently in stores and online without feeling judged or embarrassed.

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