Taha Shah Badussha, This YRF and Dharma Prodigy is ALTBalaji’s Hottest New Find

Business Wire India
The traditional modes of entertainment, TV and Cinemas, face healthy competition from the OTT space. While the significant number of shows emerging on platforms like Netflix, ALTBalaji, Amazon, ZEE 5, MX Player, and the likes may have opened floodgates for the immense talent in B-Town, it is the audience and not the critics who have turned out to be the kings and queens in this business choosing who to watch and want more of, and who to pass on, forget and never allow to show up again! It comes down to the screenplay, direction, and near-perfect casting that could leave the audience eager for more, one season after another.
Come May 9, 2021, and Taha Shah Badussha will complete a decade in tinsel Town. Taha who? Some might ask.
As for the Latest, he seems to be the hottest, breakthrough OTT find for ALTBalaji, considering his central role in Ekta Kapoor’s lavish, beautiful platter of passion and psycho thrill of a Web Series Bekaaboo, which is in its second season.
If the early word on the series is to be believed, the Yash Raj Films, Dharma Productions, and Excel Entertainment prodigy has brilliantly impacted with his charm, Greek-god physique, and raw, powerhouse acting skills that have taken the audience by surprise.
While Karan Johar in an earlier instance had stamped the fact that “Taha has a strong screen presence that combines machismo and vulnerability,”, the director of Bekaaboo, Aarambhh M Singh, didn’t hold back his true feelings in his Instagram post and said, “Introducing Novin, Played by Taha Shah Badussha who has still managed to save his culture and innocence within him. One of the most liked actors on the set from the spot dadas to the hair didis to fellow actors and of course director ke jigar-ka-tukda. Only with his manner and behaviour he has won everyone’s heart. Watch out for his Breakthrough performance in Bekaaboo 2.”
Taha played the good-looking stud in the title role in YRF Studio’s Y-Films Luv Ka The End, who Shraddha Kapoor made it her teenage life’s mission to destroy (in the film). He was the heartbreaker from Dharma Production and Sonam Nair’s Directorial Gippi, whereas Arjun, he gave the doe-eyed girl an early lesson in what a broken heart of a teenage crush feels like. Having worked with famous production houses in India, the actor still seems to have his ear to the ground. He has been gathering his dedicated following over the years, including the Middle East, where he has been born and brought up.
Hop on to his Instagram, and one can see the untapped potential Taha has. A fantastic Gymnast and Acrobat, an exceptional dancer, a guitarist, and a Martial-Artist, a complete package of talent which may be the reason why the actor turned to the west, starring in the Hollywood feature Draupadi Unleashed directed by Emmy Nominee Tony Stopperan, which AMC Cinemas released with another Indie Film set in cold war America in the post-production in which he plays a piano prodigy who is (then) disabled. While Anupam Kher’s Ranchi Diaries may not have fared well at the box office, his versatile acting skills bagged him the lead role. He played a chowmein stall owner from Jharkhand, complete with street brilliant character antics and the near-perfect touch of Maithili.
If his background is any consolation, the actor did his training from New York Film Academy before his Bollywood debut and has recently trained with the likes of Ivana Chubbuck in Hollywood, whom the Oscar winner Halle Berry, a former student herself, calls “the premiere acting coach of the 21st century.” Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles, one of the most sought-after dance studios in the World, is where Taha polishes his dance moves in the States.
With a short format series for a Major OTT up his sleeve, a soon-to-be-released single with a major label, and offers from the south industry in the pipeline, the Dubai-born Actor seems to be on a roll. The word is that he is currently in pre-production for a music video to be shot with Daisy Shah, which seems to be a fresh pairing for the industry. However, the actor refused to give any quote when asked about the same at a recent promotional event for Bekaaboo 2.
It may have taken him a decade of toiling and sweat, a mountain of patience and countless auditions, both in Bollywood and the West, but Taha Shah Badussha is quietly, slowly and steadily becoming an unstoppable, relentless force that may soon be reckoned with, an outsider that the industry insiders should keep an eye out for.