TatvaCare Explores Digital Therapeutics for Better Management of COPD and Asthma in India

Business Wire India

  • The cutting-edge Digital Therapeutic (DTx) application ‘MyTatva’ aims to transform the approach to treating and managing chronic conditions such as COPD and Asthma
  • Commences Clinical Trials of ‘MyTatva’ across India with leading pulmonologists led by the renowned specialist from Mumbai, Dr. Agam Vora

With over 30 million* people in India, suffering from chronic respiratory disorders of COPD and Asthma, there is a critical unmet need to look at new gen technologies to manage the chronic disease conditions and improve the quality of life of patients. TatvaCare, which specialises in cutting-edge technological advancements in healthcare has created novel, digital therapeutics platform which aims to bridge this need. The new digital application called ‘MyTatva’ will offer an advanced solution for patients which combines personalized care plans, IoT device-led monitoring, coaching, and counselling services to improve compliance and provide comprehensive and effective care for chronic patients. Digital therapeutics are a part of digital health offerings that deliver therapeutic interventions directly to patients via evidence-based, clinically evaluated software for disease management. To test the efficacy, acceptability and ease of convenience, TatvaCare will be commencing clinical trials to test the application at various centres across India. More than 150-200 subjects will be randomly tested to gauge the user efficacy and advantages. Based on the outcomes of the trial, TatvaCare will launch this first-of-its-kind digital therapeutics solution in India for COPD and Asthma management. The market for digital health applications in India is valued at USD 3.8 billion estimated to jump to USD 18 billion by 2030 with TatvaCare being one of the early entrants in this highly specialised domain.
A panel of distinguished pulmonologists from across India will be overseeing the study under the leadership of Dr. Agam Vora, a renowned pulmonologist from Mumbai. Named as BREATHE DTx, the study will be conducted across 8 centres in India. A protocol for testing the efficacy of MyTatva in treating COPD and Asthma patients has been established. The focus of the study is to assess the impact of MyTatva on reducing exacerbations and incidents, ultimately improving the quality of life for patients suffering from these chronic conditions. The study will have a diverse representation from patients from different age groups having different needs and hailing from different geographic areas. Spanning 6 months, the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) will provide a comprehensive assessment of MyTatva’s effectiveness from the real-world evidence gathered.
Dr. Agam Vora, the Principal Investigator of the panel, expressed his confidence in the potential of MyTatva to revolutionize the treatment of COPD and Asthma. He believes that an application like MyTatva will provide immense value to patients, empowering them to manage their conditions effectively.
Speaking on the development, CEO of TatvaCare, Mr. Manoj Balaji said, “At TatvaCare, we are looking for advanced technology and digital interventions to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions. We believe that such advancements will improve the lives of patients with chronic disease conditions which often require long-term care that is consistent and delivered with precision. Under the guidance of Dr. Agam Vora and the team of pulmonologists, BREATHE-DTx is our first step to offering next-level of customer-centric care through scientific, evidence backed research and collaboration.”