Tatvic Becomes a Global Reseller of Google Certified Consent Management System User-Centric

Business Wire India

Tatvic recently formed a global reseller partnership with User Centric, a Google Certified Consent Management System (CMS). This collaboration took place on January 17th 2024. With this partnership, Tatvic aims to seamlessly integrate a state-of-the-art CMS into websites, effectively tackling the essential need for global data compliance and protection regulations.

Global Relevance

Tatvic’s new role as a Global Reseller is underscored by its commitment to aligning with international standards in data protection like GDPR, DMA, CCPA, FADP and other global regulations. This partnership signifies a shared dedication to fostering a secure digital ecosystem.

Navigating Data Protection Laws

Understanding the significance of current data protection regulations, Tatvic emphasizes the importance of compliance with laws such as GDPR. The partnership with User Centrics ensures a robust solution for handling user data with user consent across geography and thus aligning with the evolving landscape of data protection.

Rising Need for Consent Management

Exploring the rising need for a Consent Management System with the changing regulations regarding cookies globally. The solution ensures compliance with location-specific regulations, a feature becoming increasingly crucial in regions like China and India, along with other South Asian countries.

Google Certified Partner
As a Google Premium Partner, Tatvic’s collaboration with User Centrics reinforces the trustworthiness of the platform.

Ruhbir Singh, CEO of Tatvic, states, “This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing best-in-class data privacy solutions to our clients. User Centric’s innovative CMS will empower businesses to navigate the complex landscape of global data regulations with ease and confidence.”

Motivation Behind Reselling Partnership

Recognizing Google as a prominent gatekeeper under the EU Digital Marketing Act, Tatvic acknowledges the responsibility of upholding data consent hygiene. User Centrics’ CMS emerges as a pivotal tool in ensuring stringent adherence to these vital data protection standards.
Key Benefits to Clients
As an official reseller, Tatvic has commenced product deployment, reaching out to existing clients and gradually expanding its client base in collaboration with Google. The partnership is poised to provide clients with cutting-edge compliance and data protection solutions. Benefits to clients from this partnership would be:
  • Simplified Compliance – User Centric’s CMS helps businesses achieve and maintain compliance with various data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.
  • Official Google Partner – Tatvic is an official Google reseller so we have adopted a standardization process to deploy Google products.
  • Enhanced Consent Management – The platform provides granular control over how consent is collected, managed, and documented, ensuring transparency and user trust.

Implementation and Support

As the implementation partner for User Centrics’ Consent Management System. Our commitment extends from seamless integration into websites to expert configuration. Tatvic will ensure a smooth and hassle-free onboarding experience for its valued clients.

For more information, please visit Tatvic’s official website, LinkedIn and User Centrics.