Tax Planning and Investing Made Easy on Bajaj Markets

Business Wire India

Bajaj Markets, a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv, offers individuals access to a range of investment tools that could help them save on tax. In turn, this will reduce their tax liability while growing their wealth.

One can choose from a variety of options on the platform, such as:

  • National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)
  • Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)
  • Equity Mutual Funds
Here is a table that outlines the tax benefits offered by these avenues:
Investment Option Tax Benefit
  • Tax exemption on sums up to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs u/s 80C
  • Additional tax benefit on amounts up to Rs. 50,000 u/s 80CCD (1B)
  • Lumpsum component is tax-free and annuity is taxable on maturity
  • On capital gains tax during redemption
  • Tax exemption on sums up to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs u/s 80C
Equity Mutual Funds & Stocks
  • On long-term capital gains up to Rs. 1 Lakh per year
Since income tax liability is one of the key considerations when choosing an investment, these avenues form an important part while planning for finances. Interested individuals can check out detailed insights about these investments and their earning potential on the platform. Additionally, they can easily invest in these tools via 100% digital processes.

While NPS and SGB are backed by the government, investors can choose from top issuers and AMCs when it comes to ELSS and Equity Mutual Funds. Bajaj Markets offers easy comparison of past performance, helping one make the right decision to secure a strong financial future.

Investors can get started in no time on the Bajaj Markets’ website or mobile app. Furthermore, they can access other investment vehicles on the platform to build their wealth.