The 8th Annual Summit by NATHEALTH Poised to Provide Solutions for Healthcare Sector in the Area of Digital Healthcare, Supply Chain, Homecare, CSR, and Innovation

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The Summit is scheduled for March 28th & 29th March, 2022
Over 120 speakers, 10 publications, 5,000 delegates and industry startup pitches and Spotlight on healthcare CSR best practices
The threat to covid hasn’t totally left India even after three consecutive years, and the future still looks uncertain. The pandemic revealed the deep-rooted challenges India, and all countries face in ensuring quality healthcare access and equity to all. Most of the countries were unprepared when COVID first struck, and like the rest of the world, the healthcare delivery systems in India also initially struggled to keep pace during the devastating second wave. In spite of the complications, the new strides which India achieved in its fight against Covid-19 through collaboration on patient recoveries, testing numbers, vaccine outreach, leveraging the potential of digital health, building capacity in diagnostics, relooking health insurance norms, harnessing the strengths of medical technology, comprehensive policies for senior care, home care and mental health, made India’s will stronger towards re-building, re-structuring, and re-imagining a resilient healthcare system for the new era- the post-COVID era.
As we look towards recovery and prepare ourselves to combat future emergencies, collaboration and partnerships are the need of the hour as we need to have a fresh, radical approach to address key gaps in our public health systems. There are many areas around the evident gaps in healthcare infrastructure, equipment, human resource, and supply chain where stakeholders can think beyond the box to build and strengthen capacity. Collective effort within the healthcare ecosystem has made it possible to achieve the unimaginable. This is the time to come together to rebuild, restructure and reimagine our healthcare systems for the new era of the 21st century- the post-pandemic era.
To galvanize actions from this critical need, NATHEALTH 8th Annual summit aims to bring together the entire gamut of players, decision-makers, domain experts, start-up incubators and accelerators, private industry, investors, and academicians to reimagining collaboration to strengthen India’s present healthcare scenario so that India becomes ready to deal with any future pandemic.

This two-days summit will have a stellar lineup of over 120 speakers comprising top government policymakers, healthcare leaders, and global domain experts. With over, 5000 delegates from the healthcare fraternity and related fields, the summit will see the launch of white papers on homecare, digital health, value-based procurement, GST study and spotlight presentations on global best practices in building healthcare resilience and CSR best practices. This summit will also present opportunities for businesses to network, collaborate through industry tie-ups on corporate partnerships and exploration of new business leads.

Speaking about the summit, Dr. Harsh Mahajan, President NATHEALTH and Founder & Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging said, “NATHEALTH believes that there is a compelling need to create a unique platform conducive to meaningful dialogue that paves the way for collaboration among various stakeholders. Through this summit, NATHEALTH aims to further strengthen and reinforce the new post pandemic national healthcare agenda, to unite the healthcare ecosystem especially at a time when the world finds itself at a challenging crossroad. At this summit, public and private stakeholders will sit together and rethink collaborations and on addressing systemic issues in India, investing in and rebuilding healthcare infrastructure as a strategic asset. As the torchbearers, we must look at planning to ensure that we are adapting and adjusting to the new normal.”
Dr. Shravan Subramanyam, SVP NATHEALTH and Managing Director, Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, said, “Post-independence, the average life expectancy in India has increased. Accelerated by advanced technologies, surgical interventions and evolving public health programmes, the medical technologies and diagnostics industry are evolving. As a result, we are witnessing better patient outcome, empowered patients, better access to healthcare services. The next step is— how do we prepare for the future? We need to bring preventive health and NCD management into focus and increase the resources to leverage the power of technology and AI to improve access to quality healthcare. We need stronger policies for greater investment in the innovation, research, skill development, medical education and capacity building of healthcare workers enabling ease of business and PPP models for system and infrastructure strengthening. There is a need to build a constructive dialogue in this direction through forums like the NATHEALTH Annual Summit 2022 where every stakeholder in the system can engage in some of the most meaningful conversations on the future of healthcare.”
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