TheMathCompany Introduces ChatGPT Integration with Co.dx Platform

Business Wire India

TheMathCompany, an Illinois-headquartered leading global data analytics and engineering firm, announced the integration of its Co.dx platform with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This integration brings AI-generated insights to dashboards and enables enterprises to extract more value from their data.
Co.dx is a low-code platform allowing companies to build self-sufficient analytics and AI programs without relying on their service providers permanently. Co.dx operates like a DecisionOS, helping enterprises build custom data products across different integrated departments, thus improving the quality of decisions based on Connected Systems.
ChatGPT API integration assists Co.dx with building data dictionaries, schemas, documenting insights, and creating quick summaries of key takeaways from data. Some of the benefits of this integration to our enterprise clients include:
  • Setup chart, screen, and application-level summaries, readouts, and insights, thus improving BI adoption, usage, and impact.
  • Deploying narrative-building techniques to automate data stories and digest reports based on the model results on top of existing insights.
  • Better readability and result accuracy via our conversation AI assistant, which enables higher levels of measured data and insight discoverability through text and voice.
  • Ability to serve results using more visual mediums
  • Customize enterprise app experience for specific purposes and personas, thus enabling more vertical and tailor-made solutions
Shridhar Guntury, Chief Technology Officer, TheMathCompany, said, “AI is helping companies make better decisions with their data. Our clients seek to leverage AI’s power in their decisions, and Co.dx integration with ChatGPT enables that vision. This is just the beginning as we closely integrate generative AI techniques into Business facing dashboards and data products. At MathCo, our ambition is to be involved in every decision at every organization, and this innovation with Co.dx takes it one step closer.”
Aditya Kumbakonam, Cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer, TheMathCompany, said, “At MathCo, we are enabling Enterprise AI and building connected systems to ensure enterprise apps have the same intelligence that we now have available in consumer apps. This integration makes AI more accessible to our clients.”
Co.dx, developed in 2020, now powers nearly 300 data products companies use across industries. The latest apps built on Co.dx include those for Retail Media Marketing, Revenue Growth Management (RGM), Digital Twins, AnalyticsOps, and Social media listening. The MMX app built on Co.dx is also available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
Founded in 2016, TheMathCompany goes beyond what traditional consultancies, pure-play service providers, and information technology services providers offer in terms of data insights to solve specific problems for companies, with a robust team of scientists, data engineers, visualization experts, consumption specialists as well as analysts and consultants spread across the globe.