ThinkYou Offers Science-Based Diet Plans for a Healthy Journey

Business Wire India
ThinkYou is a team of experienced health professionals in the field of diet therapy, the team consist of renowned senior Nutritionists and Doctors. The team do not offer general diet plans or scientifically unproven diet plans, but they offer science-based diet plans. The Company follows scientific journals, national & international dietary guidelines such as ICMR, NIN, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS to provide scientific diet plans. This is their endeavour to see everyone healthy & fit during their health journey with ThinkYou. Their smile would be the company’s success!

A team of Doctors and Nutritionists ( analyse scientifically the body’s exact nutritional requirements with the help of blood test reports, height-weight, BMI-BMR, Fat percentage, Medical history and Doctor’s recommendation. Based on these, the team will prepare a customized nutrition-dense delicious meal plan, so that one can achieve their desired health goals while enjoying mouth-watering delicious meals!

ThinkYou team treats every client with full attention and provide customized meal plans to fulfil actual scientific requirements of not only macronutrients (Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fibres) but also of micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants). The company monitors regular diet and motivates to achieve optimum health goals. The team break myths about diet and educate people to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of sound and long experience.
The company offers different diet solutions for different health conditions through experienced Doctors and Nutritionists. Anyone can visit the online clinic ( through smartphone/laptop/desktop/tablet easily. Here one can talk to the experts through video call or telephone and discuss their health concerns to get scientifically validated diet solutions.
Anyone can easily get an online appointment as per their suitable and convenient time through email/telephone/WhatsApp ([email protected]/7701858552). Customer care team would be more than happy to assist!
All the company’s health packages are available on the website. Payments are safe, secured and supported by Instamojo.
ThinkYou has a dedicated customer care team to assist the clients for any sort of diet issues! The company’s team is experienced and reply quickly. For convenience, the team is available on WhatsApp also, apart from emails and phone calls.