Transforming Real Estate: India’s Leading Proptech Program Successfully Concludes Cohort II with Speed Scaling 5 Incredible Startups

Business Wire India

An incredible symposium at Kazé, located on Bengaluru’s Lavelle Road, saw the conclusion of the IInd edition of India’s primary proptech speed scaling program Gruhas Aspire: 5, enterprising startups that were selected and have successfully completed 6 months of rigorous mentorship and speed scaling efforts backed by the best in the ecosystem.

Launched by Gruhas, DLF Family Office and Anthill Ventures, this milestone marks the culmination of a transformative journey for this year’s participating startups and reaffirms Gruhas Aspire’s commitment to driving innovation through sustainability in the proptech segment. Cohort II saw 5 incredible startups from across the country, converge to leverage the resources, mentorship and exclusive expertise provided by Gruhas Aspire.

During the accelerator program, startups received valuable feedback from industry experts, refined their business models, and honed their pitches to investors. Additionally, they had the opportunity to showcase their solutions to potential clients, partners, and investors, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and growth.

The event kicked off with exclusive one-on-one sessions where every startup was invited to interact with a panel of investors and program partners. Keynote sessions followed, with the co-founder of Settl, Abhishek Tripathi and Sujeet Kumar from addressing the cohorts. Finally, a networking mixer successfully concluded the event.

Abhijeet Pai, Co-founder, Gruhas said, ” Attending this recent proptech and sustainability summit was a pivotal experience for us as investors. Yesterday showcased an impressive array of innovative solutions that are not only transforming the real estate sector but also presenting significant opportunities for investment. It’s clear that proptech is poised to revolutionise how we approach property investment, management, and development, offering a robust pipeline of high-potential startups and ground-breaking technologies without costing the earth. We’re excited to be part of this dynamic landscape, supporting ventures that are at the forefront of redefining the future of real estate, proptech and sustainability.”

“The energy and innovation at this event reinforce our belief and focus into climate tech, proptech and sustainability. Bringing together visionary entrepreneurs, forward-thinking investors, and industry leaders, we witnessed first-hand the transformative ideas that are set to redefine the future of this segment,” said Sailesh Sigatapu, General Partner at Anthill Ventures at the event yesterday. “The event’s success underscores the immense potential with the sector and highlights the collaborative spirit needed to drive meaningful change. We’re excited to see how these high-impact disruptive startups will shape the industry in the coming years.”

As the program concludes, Gruhas Aspire remains committed to fostering the continued growth and success of its alumni. Through ongoing mentorship, access to resources, and networking opportunities, the speed scaling program aims to empower these startups to scale their solutions and make a lasting impact.

A brief introduction of Cohort II’s companies:

Earthfokus — Founded by Rishi Vandhan and Arun Subramanian, EarthFokus offers a holistic water management suite that includes retrofit water-saving fixtures, IOT-based water metres, water audit reports, and a water management platform. 

Breathe ESG — Hailing from the climate-tech sector, and founded by young guns Shaayak Chatterjee and Karantaj Singh, Breathe ESG is an end-to-end corporate sustainability management ecosystem for measurement, reporting, analytics, and decarbonisation.

Ambiator — Founded by Tiger Aster and Jeeten Desai, Ambiator offers an environmentally friendly cooling system that uses 80% less energy than conventional HVAC systems without the use of refrigerants or compressors.
Slice — An application that influences the fintech sector, and founded by Adi Singh, Ojas Desai and Keith Fenner, Slice allows customers to invest in professionally vetted, fractionalised, residential real estate in under 3 minutes with investments starting from $100.
ZeroTouch — Founded by Venkat Keetha, ZeroTouch provides affordable smart toilets that are purposefully built to conserve water and improve sanitation in bathrooms. The company’s toilets reduce water consumption by 55 % and help save 13,500 litres of water per person per year.

As the program draws to a close, Gruhas Aspire remains dedicated to supporting the continued growth and success of its alumni. Through ongoing mentorship, access to resources, and networking opportunities, the speed scaling program aims to empower these startups to scale their solutions and make a lasting impact on the landscape.