Unlock.fit Launches CorpGene: Exclusive DNA-based Personalized Wellness Program for Corporate Wellness Enhancement in India

Business Wire IndiaUnlock.fit, a premier provider of personalized wellness solutions has announced the unveiling of ‘CorpGene’. CorpGene is an exclusive DNA-based Personalized Wellness Program meticulously crafted to elevate corporate wellness across India. This innovative program offers organizations an unparalleled opportunity to optimize employee health, performance, and overall well-being through the precision of personalized genetic insights.
Working professionals today face a myriad of health challenges due to the demands of their fast-paced and often sedentary lifestyles. Stress, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and inadequate sleep are just some of the factors contributing to the decline in employee well-being. Some of the health issues among corporate workforce, contributed by the unhealthy lifestyle, are diabetes, gut issues, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension. These health challenges not only impact individual productivity and job satisfaction but also have broader implications for organizational performance and success.
CorpGene, a pioneering initiative developed by Unlock.fit, addresses these health challenges head-on by empowering organizations to tailor wellness strategies to individual employee needs and preferences. Through CorpGene, employees gain access to Unlock.fit’s cutting-edge DNA analysis solutions, bespoke wellness plans, and expert guidance, facilitating the cultivation of a healthier, more engaged workforce.
“Unlocking the inherent potential of every individual lies at the heart of our mission at Unlock.fit,” remarked Masroor Lodi, CEO of Unlock.fit. “The DNA-based approach to wellness is the most scientific way to address health and fitness goals, and has consistently delivered superior and faster results when compared with generic wellness programs because of its unique and precise recommendations customised to individual users. With the launch of CorpGene, we are excited to extend our expertise to the corporate sphere, offering organizations an exclusive avenue to enhance employee wellness and productivity through personalized wellness solutions.”
This initiative is provided at no cost to a selected group of employees from up to 20 organizations across India. The purpose of the program is to give first-hand experience of the power of genomics in preventive healthcare. Organisations have the option of extending the program to all employees later in collaboration with Unlock.fit.
Participation in CorpGene is strictly by invitation, ensuring that organizations selected for the program are fully committed to prioritizing employee well-being. Interested companies are invited to connect with Karan Sharma, Corporate Wellness Manager at Unlock.fit, at [email protected] to obtain further details and express their interest in joining CorpGene.
CorpGene presents participating organizations with:

  • In-depth DNA analysis to unveil individual genetic predispositions related to health, fitness, and nutrition.
  • Customized wellness plans tailored to each employee’s distinct genetic profile, encompassing recommendations for exercise, diet, stress management, and more.
  • Continuous support and guidance from Unlock.fit’s team of experts to facilitate seamless implementation and sustainable health outcomes.

Unlock.fit remains steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the privacy and security of all participant data, upholding rigorous data protection protocols and compliance standards.
Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize employee wellness and drive organizational success with CorpGene. For more information or to express your interest in joining CorpGene, please reach out to Karan Sharma at [email protected].