Upekkha Startup Appknox Grew 10X, Beat a Shutdown, and Achieved 98 Percent Customer Retention

Business Wire India

Upekkha’s first cohort alumni Appknox- a mobile application security testing company- has exceeded 10X growth in revenue with no additional external funding. Appknox’s entry into the million-dollar club is incredible as it grew from a near-death moment in 2018 when it was faced with a shutdown. Appknox transformed its product income-making journey by becoming firmly rooted in Value SaaS principles. Presently it continues to scale globally, demolishing the myths around growing and building a business. Upekkha has been coaching businesses since 2017 to incorporate the Value Saas ways, aka capital-efficient way of growth, adopted by Appknox.

Value SaaS urges businesses to generate recurring capital from customers by creating value for them and solving the biggest problems for customers. Appknox incorporated these values and skyrocketed growth after discovering PMF and ICP (Ideal Customer Persona) through customer conversations.

  • Obsession with customer experience has led to 98% customer retention
  • Creating value for customers made it possible to get 90% inbound-driven sales
  • Achieved phenomenal growth and made mobile app security seamless for businesses by finding niche customers.
Talking about Appknox’s stupendous success, CEO and co-founder Harshit Agarwal states, “We are currently enabling cybersecurity for mobiles of 40+ Fortune 2000 companies and 20+ Fortune 500 companies.”
Appknox continues its rapid growth and has notable national and international logos like Unilever, Axis Bank, Singapore Airlines, NOVO, DCB Bank, etc.
Appknox’s customer persona has evolved over time from solopreneurs to SMBs to mobile security solutions for enterprise customers. Upekkha’s community startup Appknox has taken giant strides and imprinted the Value SaaS footprints globally.
Implementing the Value SaaS way learned from Upekkha helped Appknox scale capital efficiently. “The whole mindset has helped us grow organically and be very frugal in whatever we invest. We now evaluate, understand, and invest only in the best possible option. That has led to achieving the maximum ROI overall. We are currently focused on the right metric for growth,” declares Harshit. 

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