Veteran Real Estate Builder of RK Builders, Randhir P Mhatre Honoured During Lokmat International Awards 2023 in Dubai

Business Wire India
Veteran real estate builder Randhir P Mhatre has added one more feather in his decorated cap for being awarded and honoured during the Lokmat International Awards 2023 for Excellence in Warehousing Facility in Dubai.
An industry expert and innovator for more than 20 years, Randhir P Mhatre, has been presented with the award along with his eldest brother Yogesh P Mhatre from RK Builders.
At the renowned RK Builders, Randhir P Mhatre is a Director with his elder brother Sudhir P Mhatre, while Yogesh P Mhatre is the Co-Founder. Suresh Mhatre (Balyamama) is the Founder and the backbone of the RK Builders and his son, Sumit Mhatre is also a Director.
The immensely successful journey in warehouse real estate for the much-respected and trusted brand of RK Builders began all the way back in 2002, and the company has witnessed exponential growth since its inception.
In Bhiwandi, near Mumbai, famous for its sprawling commercial nature while being a major trade centre, RK Builders have carved a niche for themselves over the last two decades, establishing their name as the most trusted and respected in the business.
Randhir P Mhatre has not only successfully led the business from a young age to expand it into a rapidly-expanding organisation, he has also handled large teams and big-ticket projects such as the iconic RK Logi World Project.
With someone who is naturally gifted as a leader, Randhir P Mhatre has the knack of solving complex issues with ease and has the expertise in leading the marketing team, striking a level of consistency among all departments under him and most importantly, ensure that RK Builders continue to retain the tag of being the ‘best player in the market’.
In a matter of just 36 months, or three years, Randhir P Mhatre oversaw and led the development of a two million square-feet warehouse, having acquired land of 80 acres in about six months from 20 different landlords, while working with clients including DHL, Maersk’s, Gati, Iron Mountain, UPS, Bhakti Vedant Book Trust (ISKON), Hellman and Proconnet.

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