Vicinity Showcased Cloud Native and Time Sensitive 5G Networking Solutions at Mobile World Congress Americas 2023

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Vicinity Technologies Limited (Vicinity) showcases the advanced 5G cloud-native and time-sensitive networking solutions at the Mobile World Congress Americas 2023 being held in Las Vegas, USA from 26 Sept to 28 Sept 2023.


Vicinity is demonstrating a live end-to-end 5G networking system with their developed 5G software stacks running on a commercially available and certified 5G integrated small cell platform. The system is ready for commercial deployment and is easily to be configured to enable various 5G important use cases such as low latency AR/VR, industrial IoTs, mission critical communications, etc.


The end-to-end network consists of a cloud native 5G core managing remote 5G integrated small cells with User Plane Function (UPF) offloading. The application server is running on premises near the integrated small cells to provide time sensitive and low latency communications. The demonstration shows a 5G time sensitive use case for factories. In the demonstration, an emergency stop is activated remotely over the 5G wireless network and achieved a synchronized, highly reliable, low latency and time sensitive controls to a moving robot.


The Vicinity 5G software provides a collection of communications software to drive the general purpose base-station hardware platforms. The software supports the open Application Programming Interface (API) which allows easy integration of any 5G applications over the 5G wireless networks. With the integration of the cloud native 5G core network, the network management can be intelligently configured and managed on the cloud to simply the deployment. The base-station hardware platforms are selected from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who was supported by Vicinity to complete the design certification of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).


Vicinity is a technology company delivering the advanced wireless systems with intelligent applications. “We foresee the industry is heavily demanding time synchronized, lower latency, higher reliability and higher data rate wireless services for their new applications,” said Dr Eric Tsang, the CEO of Vicinity Technologies Limited, “Vicinity has strong R&D experience and competence to enable such product with quick time to market.”


Vicinity 5G software is easy to be customized to create new 5G applications. We enable the integration of 5G with the Time Sensitive Network (TSN), where the industrial networks can benefit from the flexibility and mobility of wireless connectivity, as well as the precision and predictability of wired connectivity. We also enable the integration of 5G with cloud computing to enable new services that are simple to be deployed, improving the user experience and quality of services, and enhancing the security and privacy of data and communications.


Vicinity’s cloud native and time sensitive 5G networking solutions are presented with live demonstration in the event. Interested parties can their team ([email protected]) to schedule physical or virtual meetings.


About Vicinity


Vicinity Technologies Limited (“Vicinity”) is an independently operating communications systems developer based on Bristol, United Kingdom. Vicinity has full R&D capability to develop and deploy 5G infrastructures and products for various 5G applications. The team consists of 5G infrastructure experts with over 20 years of experience in wireless communication products development. They have rich track record on the successful public and private 5G commercial networks deployment. To understand more stories about the Vicinity, please visit