2024 to Bring “Reputational Security” into Focus – Crisis Management Centre

Business Wire India

The Crisis Management Centre foresees that 2024 will carry with it increased threats to individuals, organisations and governments in a combined manner that can only be described as attacks on “reputation security”.


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Nordin Abdullah, Founder of the Crisis Management Centre and Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF), speaking at the Stratcom Disaster Communication Forum. | Ankara, Türkiye, 25-26 April 2023 | Photo by NHA/MGBF (Photo: Business Wire)

Previously, the Crisis Management Centre focused on the threat matrix and the expansion of technology-enhanced attacks on organisations that play critical roles in various supply chains. Now, that too has evolved; weaponised information through targeted distribution as part of a coordinated business or political objective have become increasingly more apparent. This has created a capability gap in organisations as they struggle to deal with the threat of persistent multi-domain crisis.


“The Reputation-Revenue Dynamic has come into sharp focus of late. It was something developed by our team at the Crisis Management Centre as a way to understand how various communities respond to communications during a crisis. Now the operating environment is defined by the constant existence of crisis, an effective approach to resilience has become even more critical in the decision-making process of the public and private sectors,” said Nordin Abdullah, Founder of the Crisis Management Centre.


He continued, “Boycotts and divestment activities on the back of various conflicts coupled with issues driven by activists have challenged the way that the corporate sector understands ESG. The social contract of every business is now examined on social media and felt in every boardroom. It is easy for those in leadership positions to get “stuck in the weeds” during a crisis and be taken away from the strategic objectives of an organisation.”


“An emerging area of concern is employee attrition rates, individuals within the organisation from the CEO down are at greater risk of losing their jobs during or post crisis. Designing a resilient approach in this case involves both an inward and outward approach,” concluded Nordin who is also the Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF).


The Crisis Management Centre will organise the first conference dedicated to the idea of “Reputation Security” in May 2024. The conference will see the launch of Nordin Abdullah’s groundbreaking book titled ‘Reputation Security: Leadership in the Age of Crisis.


Nordin Abdullah is an Australian businessman living in Asia and is currently Managing Director of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd. His focused approach to advocacy and keen understanding of the complex relationships between corporations, governments, academia, non-government organisations and the media has enabled Nordin to implement his creative approach to strategic problem-solving and sustainable development across various sectors. Nordin established the Crisis Management Centre to assist individuals, communities, corporations and governments with all aspects of crisis.


For more information about the conference visit www.crisismanagementcentre.com.