ANT LAB Secures Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Automotive Ceramic Coating

Business Wire India

ADVANCED NANOTECH LAB is proud to announce private label manufacturing of 9H Ceramic Coating, 10H Ceramic Coating, and a few hybrid variants for one of the largest automotive lubricant manufacturers in Asia. They have a global presence in 50 countries and cater to the aftermarket and service sectors. These coating products will be used in the automotive refinishing industry to enhance the exterior appearance of luxury vehicles.

While the client’s name is not being revealed to the public, it was evident that they were looking for a product manufactured by an ISO and GPM certified OEM with consistent chemical quality and someone with the ability to deliver quickly in bulk quantities. Their team had researched several companies around the world and had narrowed it down to three, with ANT LAB winning the deal worth 15 million dollars with a contract duration of five years.

“We were delighted to meet Mr. Fadi from our client’s management team, who was very impressed with the wide variety of nano-coating products we manufactured, ranging from automotive to textile to solar to even construction coatings, and SGS certifications of our HYDRAX branded ceramic coatings added to their trust in the product’s performance. We’ll keep working hard, innovating, and delivering world-class products to our customers,” said Rohit Rajput, the founder of the ANT LAB’s & their flagship brand, HYDRAX Ceramic Coating.

In 2021, ANT LAB launched a range of new automotive ceramic coating products, a few of them being 10H ceramic coating, MATTE ceramic coating, and PPF ceramic coating, which are now the benchmark of ultra-luxury ceramic coatings. One of the reasons it became instantly popular was due to its unique feature called ‘Baby Touch’, which is an ultra-soft hand feel in the finishing of the coating, in addition to the candy-like gloss and water beading effect. Unlike other competitors, ANT LAB also assists their clients with white-label and private-label branding of nano-products, from design, packaging, and marketing support, with an NDA agreement in place to protect the client’s interest.

Rohit added, “We have an innate desire to innovate in chemistry. My R&D team was delighted to achieve their goal with Graphene Ceramic Coating a few years ago, which improved mechanical qualities such as stiffness and product bonding strength, making it an instant hit in the automotive aftermarket for our clients. Upcoming innovative products, such as hybrid spray ceramic coating, will become the flagship killer product in our client’s arsenal. Its unique selling point will be its ability to withstand 500 detergent car washes. We will continue to surpass the expectations of our clients as always.”

ADVANCED NANOTECH LAB (ANT LAB) is a market leader and manufacturer of water repellent hydrophobic coatings based on nanotechnology for a wide range of industries. They pioneered VOC-compliant ceramic coatings in 2016, and they have continued to manufacture cost-effective, innovative, and eco-friendly nano-coating products from their factory based in India. HYDRAX CERAMIC COATING is a leading brand in Asia and the Middle East for 9H and 10H ceramic coatings, with a global presence in over 12+ countries. In 2020, they successfully launched their antimicrobial coating brand, HYDRAGUARD PLUS, which was also acknowledged by the government of India.

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