Australia’s Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery Tools and Migration

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International migration has been a quiet achiever for Australia. The demand for skilled workers in Australia as the government pushes for post-pandemic recovery is looking positive.  The top areas in demand of skilled workers include the following: Health Care and Social Assistance, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Education and Training and Construction.
Australia’s migration modelling demonstrates that a post-COVID-19 recovery can be driven by business and consumers. Australia’s response to COVID-19 has clearly accelerated migration possibilities. The agility shown by government and businesses in responding to the challenge of COVID-19 has been embraced as the default and several pathways have been opened up for people across the globe to migrate to Australia.
Commenting on the situation, Ms Thara S Namboothiri, Flyworld, said  “There has always been a demand in the health care sector, tech, infrastructure, logistics and many. Moreover, we are likely to see a high-demand due to COVID-19. A prominent sector to lookout for is IT services. Due to current circumstances, there has been a growing demand for IT workers especially IT support staff, IT-enabled service providers and call-centre workers.”
Critical sectors have been identified as relevant for a number of sectors, including prioritisation of certain visa programs. Healthcare, Medical, Construction, AgTech Space and Advanced Manufacturing, FinTech, Energy and Mining Technology, MedTech, Cyber Security, Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT are some sectors to watch for in 2021. Many sectors will be critical to Australia recovery from the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The continued operation of key industries in each state will be critical to the economic recovery of Australia overall.

As Australia has been relatively successful to date managing COVID-19, it is benefitting from increased interest from potential immigrants as a result of this competent approach to public health. Australia, being perceived as a safe destination is attractive to workers (skilled and unskilled) as a place to live and work. These migrants are helping plug the gaps across the Australian workforce.
Furthermore, The Global Talent Independent program (GTI) provides a streamlined and prioritized pathway for highly skilled talented overseas-born individuals to work and live permanently in Australia. GTI is specifically designed for attracting skilled migrants to the top future-focused fields to Australia. Under the new program, highly skilled migrants in certain selected industries will get a fast-tracked or expedited processing for their Australian permanent residency. The Global Talent Independent Program intends to draw the best, exceptional global professionals from seven growth sectors to Australia. These sectors are- Space & Advanced Manufacturing, AgTech (Agriculture Technology), Energy & Mining Technology, Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT, FinTech (Financial Technology), MedTec (Medical Technology) and Cyber Security.
The professionals who get a Visa under this category can take advantage of Australia’s business-friendly regulatory policies, more significant opportunities for innovation and a better lifestyle as well. There are 15,000 positions open under the GTI program in 2020-21.
If the economic rebound can be sustained by the government and together with the vaccine roll out, a stronger than anticipated growth awaits in 2021 for Australia’s migration possibilities.
Australia will be a more desirable destination to live and work due to the company’s relatively successful management of COVID-19. The nation shows signs to remain open to recent migration levels. The quantum and ‘quality’ (skilled versus unskilled) of migrants will shape productivity outcomes, and affect demand for housing and infrastructure positively.
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