Bounce Resumes Dockless Scooter Sharing Service in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Business Wire India
Bounce, India’s largest shared mobility player has resumed its operations in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. In addition to its unique dockless scooter sharing model, Bounce has introduced flexible long-term rental plan and a subscription based model, Bounce – A (AtmaNirbhar) to ease commute within cities during the lockdown 4.0.
The long-term rental plan enables users to keep scooters with them for longer duration. Like a personal vehicle, users will have safe and assured access to commute whenever required, without having to book daily rides, venture out and locate an available mode of transport, or rely on others to lend them their vehicles. Available in 7, 14, 30 & 60-day packs, the long-term rental plan gives people the convenience of owning a scooter without bearing the brunt of cost involved in buying a personal vehicle. Under the Bounce – A (AtmaNirbhar) initiative, users can avail scooters for 12 or 24 months without any down payment. After the subscription expires, users can schedule a return or purchase the vehicle at a nominal cost.
Highlighting the benefits and safety measures undertaken, Bounce CEO and co-founder, Vivekananda Hallekere wrote an open letter to users. Given the uncertainty the pandemic has brought in its wake, Bounce resolves to ease transportation hassles by providing safe and affordable commute options. Vivekananda further highlights that all scooters deployed are rigorously scrubbed down, disinfected, and sanitized with antimicrobial solution before they reach users. Bounce has currently deployed over 1500 vehicles in Bangalore and Hyderabad and will be introducing more scooters batch wise. The antimicrobial treatment deeply sanitizes surfaces, killing 99.9% germs and does not let microbes to spread through any surfaces that otherwise can host germs and viruses from a few hours to a few days. An eco-friendly solution, it will not rub off or migrate onto the skin and is durable even after multiple washings. Bounce heroes who work with the scooters wear masks, necessary safety and protective gears, touch the scooters only when necessary, and wash their hands and sanitize through the day before delivering each scooter.
As the nationwide lockdown gradually lifts, economies will open up and people will need to move. However, they will be hesitant to use transportation that risks exposure to other passengers like cabs, buses, autos, and trains, etc. According to a survey conducted by NGO Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC), 50% of the respondents said they will not be using public transport for at least three months post lockdown; 36% of this do not intend to take public transport any time soon. In the current scenario, self-driven shared scooters will be the most efficient solution, adhering to the norms of social distancing.