Building an Open World Through IndoFuturism, Absolut Creative Commune in Collaboration with Elsewhere in India

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Carrying forward its long-standing legacy of associating with progressive artists like Subodh Gupta, Anish Kapoor, Bharti Kher, Osheen Siva and Vikram Seth, Absolut Glassware announces an exciting new edition of Absolut Creative Commune. A band of visionaries taking a trip to the future through the artistic lens of Indio Futurism, Absolut Creative Commune is here to offer diverse IndoFuturist imaginations that challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity and represent the idea of ‘better together’.
Absolut Creative Commune explores the dynamic worlds of electronic music and visual design in a groundbreaking collaboration with Elsewhere in India, an internationally touring, audiovisual electronica collective about a future world where global cultures are taking new shape. Together, the two powerful platforms have curated a line-up of 5 emerging and established artists – Sachin Bhatt, Deepti, Ishaan Osheen, Parda Fash, Aditi Ramesh – who question the status quo with their collaborative work. Furthering Absolut’s core philosophy of a progressive and colourless world, the artists will showcase fresh, experimental work around the theme of ‘Building an open world through Indo Futurism’.
Absolut Creative Commune will be taking over Mumbai’s Famous Studios on November 04 to create distinct day and night experiences. The day programme is curated by Kyoorius, an iconic design platform that seeks to empower and sustain the creative community in India. The line-up includes a fun, educative, multimedia conference on IndoFuturism; masterclasses by industry stalwarts such as Ayaz Basrai (co-founder of The Busride Design Studio); short presentations that will throw light on different practices and approaches to IndoFuturism, among other things. The night programme kicks off with an exhibition of Creative Commune commissioned works, followed by an electrifying audio-visual performance demonstrating an iteration of IndoFuturism on the dance floor. Artists Arjun Vagale, Elsewhere in India ft. Murthovic & Thiruda, Blurry Slur & Dreamstates, Anushka and Kibo will make the night memorable.
Pulkith Modi, Head of Marketing – International Brands, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Absolut Creative Commune celebrates the freedom and power of artistic expression. This year, in an exciting collaboration with Elsewhere in India, the platform is set to explore and showcase IndoFuturism as a creative zeitgeist! A new wave of Indian Futurism is rapidly taking over next-gen media and art platforms. Absolut Creative Commune is the perfect platform to experience this movement. It is the culmination of state-of-the-art technology, visual design, performance art and IndoFuturist visions that foster a colourless, open, inclusive and hopeful world that respects people and the planet.”
Avinash Kumar, Elsewhere in India, said, Elsewhere in India is a pioneer in the context of IndoFuturism and purposing new technologies such as Generative AI and gaming for cultural good. Absolut’s imperative in building an open and diverse world deeply resonates with our work towards imagining a hopeful future for India. Curating and mentoring an inspiring collective of Indian talent for Absolut Creative Commune across the fields of animation, storytelling, electronic music and creative tech, to name a few, has been a privilege. The platform sets an example of how brands are willing to support indie artists. Emerging art forms need incubation platforms to prosper and catalysis platforms that can forge new connections, help fund exciting new work, harbour new connections and engage new audiences. Absolut Creative Commune pushes these outcomes as it facilitates provocative creative work; it challenges the status quo while staying relevant to the goal of creating a distinct identity for IndoFuturism.”

The collaboration with Elsewhere in India is significant for Absolut Creative Commune as it brings alive ‘The Absolut World’ through free-flowing artistic expression, immersive experiences and high-energy electronic music. It further strengthens the brand’s core values of freedom, self-expression and inclusivity for the future of the youth of India.

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