CitySpidey Re-Launches Its Community and Lifestyle Website Avatar

Business Wire IndiaThe mobile news application CitySpidey in Delhi-NCR was launched more than 5 years back in February 2016 with a vision to provide urban residents a hyper-local community news platform and covered the news that was not covered by the mainstream news outlets. It works well in tandem with SpideyManage, an associate company that provides ERP based facility management software that effectively manages services in high-rise apartments and societies. CitySpidey, now down the lane, has become a dynamic, robust and versatile website and app that informs, entertains and educates its users, readers and communities in Delhi-NCR and the rest of the world. 
CitySpidey has travelled a long road that started with covering civic issues, environment, and events at high-rise societies in Delhi and NCR to a much larger colourful canvas. We have diversified into a variety of lifestyle subjects like fashion, food, entertainment, culture and health,” explained B M Pun, Founder and inspiration behind the change.
“Since its inception, CitySpidey has proactively raised issues that affect urban residents, effectively. The issues raised by CitySpidey often acted as catalyst of change persuading the local authorities to act. In last five years, CitySpidey has become a trusted household name due to its different and uncommon news coverage of issues and events. It has earned us the readers’ trust, and we are proud of that indeed,” he added.
Speaking about the transition from hyper-local news to community and lifestyle website Pun added, “ Our endeavour is to provide our readers a complete package that meets their basic needs related to information, news, food, fashion, lifestyle, health, fine arts, good living, theatre with an endeavour to enrich and enhance the readers’ lifestyle, wholistically, while keeping them aware of their immediate surroundings.”
In order to meet the above aspirations CitySpidey, among other things, launched various series focussing on special and unique contents viz. on cancer, vitiligo, frontline Covid warriors, pride month and live music performances that got a very encouraging response and feedback on its Instagram and Facebook pages. 
CitySpidey has now embarked on an ambitious plan that will bring print and video contents, related to health, lifestyle, entertainment, grooming and gourmet to metros that will entertain and educate discerning visitors in a charming and fascinating way. CityFit brings leading doctors to discuss heart, dental, skincare, gynaecology, general health and paediatric issues. In lifestyle, there are regular videos and articles on fashion, home, leisure, luxury, travel, and trending. Aye Zindagi and Trending Hai Kya has already connected well with the audience. Chalein Delhi is an enchanting offering that explores the unexplored and forgotten treasures in tastes, cultures and places of Delhi and its surroundings. CitySpidey plans to start a captivating series on grooming which will give a charming perspective to our personality and appearance.
Last year CitySpidey launched a unique platform that got delayed due to Covid crisis. It would be re-launched soon once the population is vaccinated and Covid related restrictions lifted. This property is called SpideyManch that brings fine arts, performing arts, live music shows and other live performances to the doorsteps of communities. CitySpidey has many pleasant surprises in SpideyManch for its subscribers and that would be available to the societies which are using SpideyManage as a facilitator with their facility management services across India.