Cubera Spearheads Innovations in the AdTech and Big Data Landscape With Manthan 2022

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CuberaTech India Pvt. Ltd., accelerated its market launch through a unique business innovation in the form of a hackathon followed by a stringent boot camp in AdTech and Big Data Analytics industries. The event’s bootcamp started off as a hackathon, Manthan which commenced on 26th May 2022, and ended on 29th May 2022. It was followed by two months of rigorous ideation and implementation which concluded on August 5th, 2022. Various industry experts, prominent industry leaders, researchers, and inquisitive students were invited to the hackathon to enhance market comprehension by bringing forth varied perspectives.

The AdTech and Big Data industry have experienced rapid changes due to the rapid growth in social media and internet consumption pattern changes due to the pandemic. Close to a 43% increment was witnessed in social media usage by internet users during the pandemic. This increment in the time spent gave rise to an increment in online spending behavior with figures surging to 30%.

The event also encompassed the presence of students from Premium Technology and Design institutes like Ramaiah Institute of Technology and PES University, where students received an exclusive opportunity to brainstorm and work closely with the team.

“Manthan means churning. We want to churn the best innovations & practices from the brightest of minds from the industry, and from the Cubera family. Anchored by the company’s members, prominent industry personalities and bright inquisitive students to learn and embrace the changes in AdTech & Big Data markets,” said Samartha Nagabhushanam, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Cubera, amidst the commencing of the bootcamp.

Daniel Bland, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Cubera, acknowledged that “Due to the ideas churned at the event, we are able to serve the markets better, accelerate company’s time to revenues by 3 months, resulting in about half million USD savings for the Company. This also aids in the revolution that we want to bring in the AdTech and Big Data industry by being a revenue share with the owners of the data which is the core of Web 3.

Dr. Jacob Crasta, Ex-Member of Council on MSME chaired by the Prime Minister of India, laid his views in the following light “What I saw here at Manthan is that all the required verticals for a startup, especially to deliver a high ‘product market fit’ are brought in a very cohesive manner. India needs these kinds of hackathons to make startups successful.”
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