Devoxil Media Group Announces Winners of the National Healthcare Achievement Awards, 2021

Business Wire IndiaDevoxil Media Group organized the National Healthcare Achievement Awards 2021, on 28 February, 2021. These awards are organized to recognize the efforts of doctors and healthcare organizations in making our healthcare system one of the best in the world. The healthcare industry works on the factor of trust and experience. The award winning organizations avail the benefits of building trust and authenticity. It intends to celebrate the trailblazing people and organization that make our healthcare system more skilled, more compassionate and more equitable. These awards provide opportunity to each and every healthcare organization or individual to participate and get recognition on national platform which helps them to make better business. Devoxil Media Group conducts deep research and survey process for the background check of the nominees. Winners are announced on the parameters of quality, experience, qualifications, customer feedback etc.

A List of Winners Of the National Healthcare Achievement Awards, 2021:-


Dt.Ruchita Maheshwari Best Dietitian and Nutritionist in Maharashtra
Miss. Madhuri Maheshwari Best Health and Fitness Consultant in Mumbai
Dt. Ankita Bhargava Best Dietitian & Nutritionist in Bengaluru
Dr. Achyut Trivedi Best Neuropsychiatrist in India
Ziva Embryology and Fertility Institute Best IVF and Fertility Centre in India
Dr. Sumit mittal Best Consultant Psychiatrist in Rajasthan
Dr. Neha Nasa Best Dental Surgeon in Gurgaon
Dr. Thomas Nechupadam Best Aesthetic Dentist in India
Bangalore Baptist Hospital Best Multi-Speciality Hospital in Bengaluru
Dt. Sheenu Sanjeev Most Promising diabetic Nutritionist in North India
Mrs.Nirupama Patil Best leading employee in Healthcare industry
Dt. Mehak Bansal Best Nutritionist – PCOD and Thyroid.
Dr. Sharmila Jalewa Best Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Jaipur
Dr. Chaitali Mondal Most Promising diabetic Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant in India
Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal Best Endodontist in Haryana
Dt. Nidhi Prakash Best Dietitian & Nutritionist in West Bengal
Dr. Vijay Bhardwaj Best Dental Surgeon in Jhansi
Dr KVB Vasantha Rayalu Best Consultant Sexologist in Telangana
Dr. K. Bhuvindar Best Dental Surgeon in Andhra Pradesh
Dr. Parthasarathi Dutta Roy Best Dermatologist in India

National Healthcare Achievement Awards 2021 aim at felicitating organizations and individuals for their contributions to the healthcare industry by innovating for increased efficiency and improved performance of healthcare.

The Founder- Director of the Devoxil Media group, Mr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav congratulated all the Winners and said, “We would like to wish them the best of Luck for the Future on their win in this prestigious award. These Awards are going to be a small token of appreciation for the individuals or Organization from Devoxil Media.