Diligent Launches Board Reporting for ESG, Providing Directors With Clear and Consistent Insight Into Climate Performance Amid CSRD and Upcoming SEC Climate Disclosure Requirements

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Diligent, the global leader in modern governance providing SaaS solutions across governance, risk, compliance, audit and ESG, today announced the launch of Board Reporting for ESG, a first-of-its-kind board dashboard that combines performance data with market intelligence to give a comprehensive view of an organization’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) posture. Built on the only platform that offers tools to support an organization through its entire GRC journey, Board Reporting for ESG can be tailored to capture an organization’s climate and other ESG data. This enables sustainability professionals to focus on the data that matters, delivering reporting in an easy-to-comprehend format for executive management and company directors.


“Collecting and organizing an overwhelming amount of climate data is challenging and presenting a clear and compelling story to the board is even harder,” said Amanda Carty, Managing Director of ESG & Data Intelligence at Diligent. “Board Reporting for ESG takes the guesswork out of climate reporting, equipping practitioners with the right information to share and allowing executives and board members to see the whole picture, so they spend less time trying to decipher complex information and more time focused on the right insights and data to drive the organization forward.”


Board Reporting for ESG benefits both functional leaders and board members, making data collection more efficient so sustainability professionals can bring unprecedented clarity to the c-suite and ultimately the boardroom. Functional leaders can customize templates to meet the unique needs of their organization or use out-of-the-box reporting templates to input the ESG performance data most important to corporate directors.


Key features include:


  • Board-ready reporting dashboards designed to provide insight into the relationship between company performance and stakeholder perception on sustainability and ESG.
  • Progress against carbon targets, peer benchmark disclosures and scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from Diligent ESG, the market’s most comprehensive ESG solution.
  • ESG scores from Clarity AI and S&P Global, benchmarked against industry averages to provide insight into how an organization is measuring up against its competitors.
  • Best practices and training materials on presenting to the board, including access to Diligent’s industry leading Climate Leadership and ESG Leadership certifications.


“The SEC is pushing on boards to have quality oversight with depth of knowledge and you can’t just be a generalist, you have to go get yourself educated and that’s where Diligent can help directors,” said Catherine Lego, board director at Cirrus Logic and Guidewire Software.


To learn more about how Diligent can help your organization streamline board-level reporting on ESG and across your business, visit Diligent’s Board Reporting Toolkit.


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