Doctors Find the Aesthetic and Therapeutic Regenerative Techniques Workshop From GeoBio Informative and Futuristic

Business Wire IndiaBoth ‘Biopharmacieaa Private Limited’ and ‘Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd.’ better known as ‘GeoBio’, are known to be committed towards participating in Learning, Educating, Advancing and Developing (LEAD), to get the best in Industry, be it Aesthetic, Regenerative or Medical Engineering know how. Their commitment was exhibited in one such event that was organised in Pune on 10th April 2022, held at the “Skin and Surgery International and Asia Institute of Hair Transplant, Pune.” According to a source from Biopharmacieaa Private Limited, they felt fortunate enough to have gracious and respected Train the Trainer Dr. Pradeep Kumari and Dr. Nitin Jain, who trained the doctors at their institute. The presence of Chief Managing Director Somen Banerjee and Business Head Vaishali Banerjee was also reported. Further adding, the source stated that as many as 20 reputed doctors attended the workshop.

As per the inside information from this event held by Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Nitin Jain and Dr. Pradeep Kumari, were able to demonstrate the functioning of Micro and Nano Fat (Goeasy Kit, from Milan, Italy) in the Aesthetic and Therapeutic outcome on stubborn acne scar; as a part of Micro & nano fat for facial aesthetics application.

Throwing light on this latest procedure, Dr. Nitin Jain and Dr. Pradeep Kumari further explained that Micro and Nano fat grafting is basically a procedure involving fat transfer with the help of micro injection for removal of stubborn acne scars on face, smoothening out wrinkles and eventually improving the skin quality. Both of them did not forget to underline the fact that there are no side effects of this particular technique.

On the other hand, Dr. Jenny Mathew (Lisa Skin Clinic, Calicut) is said to have demonstrated and communicated the role of next generation LIQUID PRF (Arthrex, from Germany) for Therapeutic outcome of under eye dark circle reduction, hollowness and skin health at this Biopharmacieaa Private Limited organized workshop.

Explaining further, Dr. Jenny elaborated that Liquid PRF has regenerative potential and is obtained by hard spinning the blood sans anticoagulants and clot activators. She continued by saying that this results into generation of a top most platelet-poor plasma (PPP) layer, a buffy coat layer that is cell rich (BC) and the red clot (RC) layer. Post this, she listed some of the applications of Liquid PRF like wound healing, regeneration of bone and Hemostasis. Dr. Jenny also emphasised that there are no side effects associated with this technique.

Going ahead, it is told that Dr. Pradeep Kumari also demonstrated and communicated PDO bi-directional thread lift (LFL Kit), which according to him is an office time procedure with no down timer and immediate visible skin lifting and V-Shape Jawline correction. He did not forget to highlight the non-invasive facelift by threads with instant results, during his talk. Dr. Pradeep was heard stating that this technique with no side effects facilitates tightening of the skin through medical-grade thread insertion into the face and then “pulling” up the skin via tightening of the thread. A good option for those who can’t undergo surgical facelift due to high costs involved or due to medical conditions is what he added while concluding his talk.

An inside source from Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd. states that the training was attended by doctors from Jaipur, Indore, Calicut, Kolhapur, Mumbai and Pune.

Some of the doctors who attended the training workshop, happened to share their experience. Below are a few of them:

Senior Dr. Geraldine Jain (Jaipur) stated, “The workshop held by Biopharmacieaa Private Limited and Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was well organised with carefully chosen and relevant topics. The faculties were expert in the field and shared their skills, knowledge to all the participants.”

Dr. Jenny Mathew (Cochin) expressed, “The workshop had the most advanced topics in the field of aesthetic, especially in regenerative medicine segment, with fat grafting which used to be a tedious procedure in the past and with Goeasy it has become much faster.”

Dr. Pradeep Kumari and Dr. Nitin Jain (Pune) stated, “Today’s workshop co-hosted by Biopharmacieaa Private Limited and Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was directed and focused at making participants aware of various indications of advance dermatosurgical procedures PRP (Next generation PRP), Fat and threads, liquid engineering, Autologous condition plasma etc.”

“Various techniques demonstrated in the workshop would revolutionize and take the Aesthetic and Therapeutic Regenerative treatments to the next level.”

  • Somen Banerjee, Chief MD, Biopharmacieaa Private Limited.

“These futuristic techniques would help in making Aesthetic and Therapeutic Regenerative treatments affordable, free of side effects, and far reaching.”

  • Vaishali Banerjee, Business Head, Biopharmacieaa Private Limited.

On the whole, after going through the experiences of the attending doctors and speaking with a few of them, it appears that they got hands-on knowledge about the concerned concepts/topics and were excited and satisfied after attending the workshop.
Going by the reports, team Biopharmacieaa Private Limited/Geomedics Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was said to be happy and content with the success of their recent endeavour.