Embracing Seamless Integration End-to-End Through Techademy Plug-n-Play Model

Business Wire IndiaWhen it comes to managing L&D processes, a big challenge in the industry is providing seamless experience and managing processes end-to-end especially when multiple platforms and tools are used for each step in the way. Techademy reduces this complexity by adopting a plug-n-play model which allows seamless integration at each step in the process with existing or new platforms and tools used by the organization.

The major components of L&D process include skill-gap analysis, planning content, delivering training programs via self-paced, virtual instructor-led, or blended modes, assignments or projects for hands-on learning, and finally assessments to measure skill development. Techademy Learning Experience Platform offers pre-integrated full-stack solutions for all steps; however, sometimes organizations might use multiple partners or vendors for each component. In such cases, Techademy offers seamless integration of either its content, Learning Platform, Hands-on Labs, assessments, or any combination of these with the already existing ecosystem of the organization using platform APIs as required.

In addition to integration between these, organizations might also want to integrate L&D process with their HRMS, LMS, or other existing organizational software. Techademy makes integration possible end-to-end thereby providing interruption-free learning experiences for learners and eagle-eye-view on the impact of L&D to the organizations.

“L&D programs in every organization are unique and they are spread across multiple roles and multiple contexts. Continuous learning starts right from a fresher is hired from the campus and gets specific as the employee’s journey progresses including role-based training or learning-path based. For the learning to be effective, none of them can work in silos, and in the era of digitization, it becomes extremely important to have platforms and processes integrated in a way to efficiently measure, monitor, and improve as needed. The inhouse engineering team of Techademy built the platform to enable true plug-n-play, blending seamlessly with already existing, intricate and thoughtfully built systems and set ups of our clients as desired. It brings true flexibility and makes efficient planning and delivery possible across all L&D initiatives,” says Techademy Founder, Keshava Raju while explaining the ease of integration enabled by Techademy.