GV Safety Assessment Platform Announces Partnership with Envigo for the Indian Market

Business Wire IndiaGenome Valley-based GV Safety Assessment Platform (“GVSAP”) offering a suite of preclinical research services, announces a strategic supply partnership with Envigo RMS LLC (“Envigo”), a leading global supplier of research models and associated services. The companies have entered a definitive agreement which authorizes GVSAP to commercially breed select rodent models and distribute Envigo’s RMS product and service portfolio in India. This partnership will cater to the high demand for research models in the Indian market across sectors such as Vaccines, Pharma, Biologics and Medical Devices. The agreement will accelerate research in the region by enhancing accessibility to these critical research tools that are instrumental in advancing scientific breakthroughs.
GVSAP is setting up a state-of-the-art facility of 28,000 sq. ft. at Genome Valley, Hyderabad to support commercial SPF breeding. Initially, GVSAP will breed selected traditional and immunocompromised rodent strains that are in high demand, with a potential for further portfolio expansion based on market requirements. Additionally, GVSAP will be the distributor for Envigo’s products and services in India, including Envigo’s Teklad® laboratory animal diets and enrichment products.
Mike Garrett, Envigo’s Chief Commercial Officer states, “India has developed a robust presence in the global R&D landscape, and we are excited to support the promising future and growth story of this region. Our partnership with GVSAP sets stage to expand our support of the biomedical industry in India with mission-critical products and services that foster innovation.”
Kalyan Korisapati, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, GVRP, said, “We are delighted to partner with an industry leader like Envigo which is globally recognised for the comprehensive portfolio of research models and related services. We are deeply committed to providing the highest standards of quality and animal welfare that are synonymous with Envigo as a brand. The improved accessibility to high-quality and proven research models in India will tremendously boost preclinical R&D endeavours of research scientists in this geography.”