HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore Organizes Cancer Awareness Experience Centre in the City for World Cancer Day 2024

Business Wire India
HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore, commemorated the World Cancer Day by hosting various initiatives, under the campaign ‘The Power of Good Wishes’, inspired by the poignant belief, “Jo dawa nahi kar paati, wo dua kar paati hai” (what medicine cannot achieve, blessings can). The centre conducted a series of activities, like cancer awareness experience centre at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, placards to raise awareness on cancer and the importance of early screening and a wish wall, where participants could share their good wishes to the cancer patients. The aim of the initiative was to embark on a collective journey towards spreading awareness about cancer as a community and encourage more people to get screened for cancer as early detection can increase their survival chances and aid in better management of the disease.
A one-of-the-kind cancer awareness experience centre took centre stage at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre on MG Road, where compelling infographics and posters were displayed aimed at fostering cancer awareness and emphasizing the crucial aspect of early cancer detection. HCG’s medical staff formed a human chain and educated the patients on the importance of early screening and early detection of cancer at the MG Road Signal by holding placards. In addition to these initiatives, the centre also had A ‘wishing wall’ at the premise where individuals were invited to share heartfelt motivational messages to create a collective support for the cancer patients. The entire event aimed not only to raise awareness but also to inspire action and solidarity within the community.
Speaking on the occasion Ms. Manisha Kumar, Regional Chief Operating Officer KarnatakaHealthcare Global Enterprises Limited said, “We are delighted to witness the enthusiasm and engagement at the event. This highlights the increasing awareness and proactive approach of people towards cancer care. At HCG Bangalore, we lead the fight against cancer and recognize the importance of raising awareness. Through this initiative, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of cancer and emphasize the importance of awareness in our fight against this formidable disease. We believe that through heightened awareness and proactive measures, we can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals facing the challenges of cancer.”
HCG has had a holistic approach towards cancer care and believes that raising awareness is a continuous and relentless effort. With this event, the hospital has ignited a lasting commitment to fostering a healthy and informed community.